7 Things to Expect from the New iPhone 7

It’s less than 12 hours to go before the highly awaited iPhone 7 is officially unveiled to the world. Hence, we are certain that most of you ‘gizmo freaks’ and apple worshippers might be eager to know its new features. Its predecessor, the iPhone 6 was sure plagued by several issues such as ‘bending’ and lack of basic features such as expandable memory. Nevertheless, this is one gadget that has the world in its sway and we cannot deny it. So if you’re wondering what features would make this different than the previous generations, here are some of the most distinguishing new features that are likely to be present on iPhone 7.

  • Storage Boost

Expandable memory and the absence of a memory card slot is still the way to go for the designers at Apple. However, it has been already announced that iPhone 7 will receive a significant boost to its internal memory. The introductory model will now feature 32 GBs of storage space, with higher spec models featuring 128 GB and 256 GB of internal space.

Storage Boost

  • Enhanced RAM

While the base model will feature the same 2GB RAM from the previous generations, iPhone 7 Plus will be powered by 3 GB RAM. This boost in the memory is certainly due to the updated camera that would require some extra power for a stable performance. If this feature shows up, it will make iPhone 7 one of the most powerful mobile devices when it comes to performance.

More RAM

  • Overhauled Camera System

The 7 Plus model will most likely feature a new dual-lens camera system, which is said to improve the phone’s photographic capabilities by a significant degree. It features two 12 megapixel cameras that are suited for wide-angle and close quarters photography. This combination would allow optical zoom like functionality and the ability to take photography under variable light conditions.

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Dual Lens

  • Headphone Jack Removed

Now this is an obvious curveball that could cause a major uproar among buyers. Unlike conventional phones and its precursors, Apple iPhone 7 will not feature any type of audio jack to plug in headphones or speakers. Instead, the phone will be able to pair wirelessly with the supplied earplugs, that are rumored to be named ‘AirPods’. One can still connect regular earphones/headphones by using a special connector that can be plugged in the lightning port. But since that might not be supplied by the manufacturer, lack of a headphone jack might lead to some complaints.

No Audio Jack

  • New Processor

iPhone 7’s processor is also supposed to receive a complete overhaul. Unlike the 1.85 GHz A9 featured on the previous generation, the new A10 can provide up to 2.45 GHz of clock speed. This means the new iPhone isn’t just fast, but is much more stable when it comes to performance versus its previous generations. This might cause some issues with the device’s battery backup. But since we haven’t seen the physical product, we can only speculate an improved battery life on the new Phone.

New Processor

  • 4 LED Flash for Camera

The dual-lens camera sure seems to be Apple’s ace feature with the iPhone 7. But with a better lens, there is also a need for better lighting conditions that can be created with the phone’s powerful flash. The camera flash is said to be equipped with 4 LEDs that will work in pairs to provide ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ lighting conditions to the users.

  • Better Resistance Against Water

There’s a huge chance that this feature might not be marketed by the manufacturer, even though it is a significant change from the older design. According to various analysts, iPhone 7 is reported to have similar water resistance as the Apple watch. The Apple watch is protected with IPX7 water resistance, which can maintain the device in working condition even when submerged in depths up to a meter.

Water Proof

There are also some key changes in the overall design and functioning that would make this a truly next-gen device. Reportedly, iPhone 7 will also come in brand new colors such as piano black and dark black, in addition with the popular silver, rose-gold and gold. There are also some rumors and speculations about the removal of ‘Home’ button. But nothing is certain, as Apple officials have kept their lips sealed before the final reveal.

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