7 Things Modern Gamers Don’t Have to Worry About

Video game industry has evolved to a point when it stands toe-to-toe with cinema and television and has given a whole new meaning to the term ‘interactive adventure’. With stunning graphics and digital art, video games have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment ever since their introduction. However, the journey hasn’t been without any annoyances as gamers continued to struggle due to various flaws and problems with consoles.

Thankfully several of these problems are now obsolete due to technological advancement and introduction of newer generation consoles. Please check out the below list for various gamer annoyances that are now solved by technology.

1. Tangled CablesTangled Cables

For years gamers enraged and lost their cool over those ugly tentacles of doom, better known as controller cables. Short cables were as annoying as longer ones that strangled you in an endless matrix of torment. But with introduction of bluetooth technology, gaming controllers became wireless, thus eliminating of one of the greatest tripping hazards of the late-20th century.

2. Bad 3D GraphicsTangled Cables

We can’t surely forget the polygon model era where characters looked like differently colored versions of ‘Mokujin’ from tekken series. Although we still enjoyed several badly modeled 3d games from the PS1 era, they surely do not hold a candle to modern day CGI models. Games not only look realistic, but can give several Hollywood flicks a run for their money.

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3. Delicate MediaScratched-Disc

Remember the time when you required 5 CDs to play a single game? As weird and laughable it might sound today, that was certainly a thing just 10 years ago. But with advancement in digital storage technology, games have seen a major transition from being sold on physical CDs to digital download. Moreover, as discs tend to be extremely fragile, services such as Steam have taken the gaming industry by storm making physical media almost obsolete.

4. Memory CardsMemory Cards

Saving in-game progress was quite a problematic thing for console makers. While some introduced in-build memory devices, Sony introduced memory cards with the revolutionary Playstation. Despite of their ingenuity, memory cards weren’t inexpensive and weren’t supplied with consoles (even Playstation 2). This made saving games a little heavy on gamer’s pockets, forcing Sony to completely remove this peripheral from PS3 onwards.

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5. Nonexistent/Goofy Voice ActingBad Voice Acting

During the 8-bit and 16-bit era, gamers wished for real time voice acting in games. However, this only became a reality with the release of more powerful consoles such as Playstation and Nintendo 64. But things weren’t really great as early games suffered from horrible voice acting that made characters appear emotionless and campy dialogues that would make you question your existence on this planet. But with billions of dollars worth turnover, games are now produced with the best voice acting and dialogue that could very well compete with movies.

6. Weird TranslationsBad Translation

“All your base are belong to us”. No we’re not trying to threaten you with bad english, but simply reminiscing the times when games couldn’t even get text right. 8-bit era specially suffered from this problem as several games were originally created for Japanese market and were later translated for North American and European regions.

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7. Crappy Licensed GamesBad Licensed Games

Licensed titles from major hollywood/pop-culture franchises were a big thing even during the 8-bit era. Sadly, most game adaptations for movies during that era and beyond sucked real bad and marked the notoriety for developers such as LJN. This however, is no longer the case now as we’ve seen some of the finest adaptations of big franchises such as Batman, Spiderman and what not.

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These above problems are all history now and gamers can enjoy distraction-free entertainment from the comfort of their homes. If you think we’ve missed anything in this list, please feel free to mention your suggestions in comments. Your feedback will help us deliver better in the future.

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