7 Repercussions Of Emerging Technologies That We Are Ignoring

We are embracing every technological advancement with open arms. Isn’t it a desire for humans to be as technologically advanced as possible? But in this spree to accomplish our dreams, we are conveniently ignoring certain factors that may prove fatal in the coming future. There is no denial in the fact that these emerging technologies are needed to make our lifestyle better and convenient but should we be blindfolded to the adverse effects of these technologies are concerned? Well, we better not! Let’s look at what are we ignoring!

Driverless Cars

Aren’t we all thrilled to witness the advancements in this field? Most of us can’t wait to see them on road so that we no longer need to drive. Well, what we are forgetting is that this will eat the existing employment opportunities for several people. Moreover, these cars have some unaddressed ethical issues. There is no denying the fact that the life of civilians’ matter. Will it opt to save rider and put the civilian at risk or vice versa? In any case human life will be at stake!

driverless cars

Source: gateway- project.org.uk

Virtual Reality

VR is making our life exciting, we can be at places we aren’t even physically present at! Impressive indeed! This technology is used by doctors and other researchers as well! However, with VR, one could end up with psychological issues with the continues usage of the same!

Rapid Industrialization

We see this as commercial advancements that earn us revenue. However, the pace at which we are moving forward is causing damage to the environment. Noise pollution is termed as extremely hazardous. Not only audible noise is created but also some non-audible noises are created which are causing anxiety to many people.

Hyperloop projects

We are already overjoyed because there has been a hyperloop project proposed by Elon Musk who is planning to prepare a giant tube from Los Angeles to San Francisco to offer travel at a lightning fast speed. Well, quite thoughtful but human body will not be able to handle so much of speed even if it is in straight line. Also, making a straight tunnel is yet another challenge that might present itself because of geographical inequalities. And we cannot make any mistake in designing or testing this because any accident at 800 Km/Hr will be nasty.

hyperloop projects

Source: aboutislam.net

3D Printing

While we are busy dreaming about living in a 3D printed home, making 3D printed toys, environmental experts have warned not to go any further. The emissions created while printing anything is dangerous. It can cause various respiratory issues. Another matter that should bug us is that the materials used for 3D printing are not biodegradable and we’ll not be able to destroy them anytime soon!


These have been used for operations and are now available in toys as well. Although the intensity is low, we cannot risk anything. There are instances when kids have injured others while playing with these and others with malicious intentions have also done the same! It is legally banned to use laser lights in US, but people find their way anyhow!


We are heavily dependent on the Internet! We keep backups, transfer messages, and what not! Simply put, we send out open invitations to attackers for security breach. With so much of information, Internet is definitely a gold mine for the attackers. Furthermore, new technologies are adding fuel to fire, ensuring that we are unable to detach ourselves from this addiction! Every detail of ours is at stake of getting stolen and yet every moment we are uploading more data to it!


Source: clickittefaq.com

These were a few of the many negative side effects that we are ignoring in the spree of moving forward. We cannot stay behind, but if we ignore such crucial things we’ll not be able to enjoy the benefits of technology for long.

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  • comment_avtar
    Of course, these dangers should be taken seriously. Yet, they are not a reason not to go ahead: otherwise,, we would again be there to cut flints (a dangerous activity which can trigger serious illnesses ! )

    6 years ago

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