7 Reasons Why We Prefer Twitter Over Facebook!

Twitter & Facebook are the two stars of social media squad. In the Facebook vs. Twitter debate which social network would you pick? We know we know, it’s like comparing apples and oranges! They’re completely different websites, right? Most people use Facebook to connect with friends & family. And Twitter’s more of a news site. However, Twitter has always had that extra edge over Facebook. it’s given us more connections, more fun, more conversation and more business. Yes, Facebook can do that and yes it certainly has, but it’s so much easier on Twitter.

Here are a few reasons why we prefer (or should prefer) Twitter over Facebook.

  • Twitter is an open Book

Once you login your Twitter account, you’ll instantly feel connected with your friends, family and even celebrities without any curtains of privacy. Whereas on Facebook you can only connect if both parties agree to be ‘Friends’. You cannot see anyone that’s not your friend unless they’ve been slack with their security settings.

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  • RSS Feeds

RSS feeds make sure that you don’t miss out anything. Twitter thought of such a scenario, and added an RSS subscription option on every contact’s page. It’s quiet shocking that why Facebook hasn’t added this feature yet.

  • Simple and Interactive

For those who love simplicity, must use Twitter. Twitter’s graphical interface makes it quiet interactive. The simple design that mostly lakes audios or videos makes it easier for all generations of users.

  • # The Hashtag Trend

You can easily link up your conversations with Twitter’s hot hashtag feature. Hashtag lets us engage with millions of users instantly whereas Facebook has a slower pace and it’s hard to generate fast-paced conversations there.

  • Smart Mobile App

Did you know? You can send a direct message to a friend by just typing username, and sending to the Twitter mobile number. Well, Facebook doesn’t provide you this benefit. You need to install the FB messenger app in order to share messages with users.

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  • Clutter less

It gets so annoying when the first thing we see on Facebook is a bunch of useless game notifications occupying our timeline. However, Twitter lets us be more concise and just publish what really matters. So friends, switch to Twitter if you no longer want to feel bothered by Candy Crush invitations.

  • Wider Platform

On Twitter it gets easier to find likeminded people. Plus, you can easily follow your favorite actor and celebrities to see their live reactions to different events in person instead of just liking their Facebook fan pages.

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These were just a few starters. There are a loads of more reason why Twitter beats Facebook. Twitter and Facebook are two largest social media networks on which we can debate for hours. Each provides their own set of benefits. One is not better or worse. It simply is a matter of what your specific needs are and who you are trying to reach.

Don’t hesitate to leave your feedback in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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