7 Myths About Android that You Should Get Rid of Now!

When it comes to smartphones, Android is leads the market. It holds 80% of the smartphone market share today. Over the years, Android has grown exponentially. It has become far more convenient and durable than it was in the early days. However, what hasn’t really changed is the perception towards these ‘UserTechy’ phones. They still carry myths associated with them for a while now. Nevertheless, Google’s constant development towards it has wiped out these so-called ‘hooey’ stories attached to Android devices. Here are some myths about Android phone/device that you should not fact-check for yourself.

  1. Task killer is a must: If you are one of those users who have dedicated some part of your phone memory space, then this one is for you. While many use such apps to ensure smooth functioning and sound battery life of Android devices, these apps essentially don’t make any difference to your device. Lifehacker summarizes it as, “In Android, processes and applications are two different things. An app can stay “running” in the background without any processes eating up your phone’s resources. Android keeps the app in its memory so it launches more quickly and returns to its prior state. When your phone runs out of memory, Android will automatically start killing tasks on its own, starting with the ones that you haven’t used in a while.”

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  1. Over-night charging is hazardous: It is believed that after Android charging device hits 100% of battery, and is still left charging, it’ll affect battery life negatively. If you still using older version of Android, then this could be true for you. However, newer versions are way smarter. Leaving them plugged in is actually healthier for your battery! It provides your battery with a trickle charge once it’s at capacity.


  1. Battery life improves when you disable services like Bluetooth & Location Services: This is one of those sticky myths, which once were a good advice but now, just a rumor. Earlier, unnecessary turn-on of these services drained out considerable amount of battery. But after subsequent updates of its versions, Google has effectively fixed this issue in Android.


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  1. Android has more performance issues than iOS: Certainly, the earlier versions of Android did lag crash and had several performance issues. But this isn’t true for the current and upcoming versions. They are as much as compatible as the iOS. The recent release by Google- Pixel phones, are one such example of it.


  1. Android is more prone to vulnerabilities: Android, when compared with its competitors, is considered as feeble operating system. But it’s time to get away with these shallow misconceptions for the giant operating system. They are far more secure than they were earlier. Above that, Google’s recent release also includes a strong backup plan for the most perilous malware of the time- Ransomware.


  1. A factory reset completely wipes data: If is always advised to factory reset your phone before giving it away or lending it to someone else. Yes, it does erase the data. But does factory reset completely removes it? As per ArsTechnica, “an estimated 630 million phones fail to purge contacts, e-mails, images, and more.” So in reality, factory reset bring your data in ready-to-be overwritten form but doesn’t remove it completely.


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  1. More Megapixels Mean a Better Camera: We have all undoubtedly just believed the megapixels when considering the camera of any phone. But that isn’t the only requisite. A megapixel actually denotes one million pixels. So having large number of megapixel camera signifies the capacity of millions of pixels a photo might contain in. Yet, better camera doesn’t only rely with the megapixel. It also is determined with the sensor, lens, and image-processing software.


With these 7 myths we hope you’ll shun away the buzzes for your Android and love it more than you ever did!

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