7 Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks You Should Know About!

Technology has helped us grow in infinite ways! Be it our personal, social or work lives, it has always been there as a constant force in evolving our lives to make it better and productive. Talking about productive, have you heard about Microsoft Teams? Well, Microsoft Teams is a collaborative app in Office 365 Suite which allows you to work together in teams while streamlining your workflow in the most efficient manner.

Let’s discuss a bit more about it before we highlight some of the best Microsoft Teams tips and tricks before you.

What is Microsoft Teams?

What is Microsoft Teams

Released back in 2016, Microsoft Teams has been a crucial part for enterprises as it provides global, remote, and dispersed teams the ability to work together and share information via a common platform. It offers a bunch of useful features which include one-on-one chat, team chats, real-time document collaboration and more. With Microsoft Teams, you can have all your conversations, documents, files, meetings in one common space.

So, if you’re eager to use this service if you haven’t used it already simply sign up with your Microsoft account’s credentials via this link.

Now, let’s highlight some important features and a few things that you should know about Microsoft Teams tool!

Things You Should Know About Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is that one digital hub that can make working in teams a whole lot easier! Here are a few tips and tricks, features that you should consider while using this amazing tool.

Manage your Meetings Easily

Meet in Microsoft Teams

Remember that “Team Meetings” feature on Outlook which most businesses take in use for scheduling meetings with external/guest users? Well, you can do the same thing on Microsoft Teams as well that too in a neat and organized manner. You can easily add users to team meetings whether they’re inside or outside your organization via simply entering their email ID.

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Bots Gallery

Bots Gallery

Bots on Microsoft Teams can really enhance your experience as they offer a wide range of functionalities. You can ask bots from most simple to complicated questions that run through your mind about teams, co-workers, statistics and more.

An Ideal Team Work Hub

Team Work Hub

With Microsoft Teams you cannot just work collaboratively, but also share insights into your business with your fellow co-workers. Microsoft Teams can be your go-to tool which combines support from all intelligent services like JIRA, Yammer and so on. You can have all your tools in one place to ensure conversation and data context is preserved over time.

Video Calling

Microsoft Teams is also available on iOS and Android platforms which makes video and audio calling a piece of cake irrespective of where you are. You can instantly connect with your co-workers with your smartphone via text, have a voice conversation, or a video meeting.



With the help of Tabs feature on Microsoft Teams, you can boost your productivity and ease of access while working on big projects. Simply tap the “+” icon on the right side of your channel to open the “Add a tab” window. From the list of tools which appear on the list, you can add any of them to your channel for a more advanced experience.

Translate Team Messages Instantly

Translate Team Messages

Communication can become a huge overhead while interacting with foreign clients and team workers. With Microsoft Teams, you can translate your conversations, message by message during team chats so that you can easily interpret what they’re trying to convey.

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Improved Security

When it comes to security, you don’t even have to worry a bit about your data. Microsoft Teams falls far ahead from its competitors in terms of security and privacy of data. All your documents, data, files, conversations are totally encrypted with high-end standards including ISO 27001, HIPPA. SOC 2

So these were some of the best Microsoft Teams tips and tricks, features to make the most of this productive platform. Start using this useful tool to improve the overall productivity of your business!

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