7 Features Alexa Still Doesn’t Have! (Surprisingly)

From calling an Uber to ordering a delicious meal, Alexa has surely become our all time favorite companion! It can effortlessly control your home and manage all your routine tasks. As our digital lives have become expansive, a smart home assistant is a must have gadget in today’s scenario! There are a lot of things Alexa is capable of, but there are still quite a few features, which it is still missing.


Here are a few things Alexa is still not capable of doing , and we certainly hope to see these useful features on our favorite smart home assistant in future!

1. Lacks a Few IFTTT Actions



IFTTT is basically short of “If This, Then That” and it is a an effective way to automate tasks on smart home devices. IFTTT is a great way by which all your devices and gadgets talk to each other and gives you a digitally connected vibe. Well, thanks to Alexa it is IFTTT integrated and is capable of interacting with a lot of devices. However, there are still a few actions which it lacks, including if it is completing an ongoing task on ToDoist, it still can’t play a song in the meantime.

2. No Customized Trigger Names

There are just four words which can trigger your smart home assistant: “Alexa”, “Amazon”, “Echo” and “Computer”. If you want to use personalized names to trigger Alexa, then you’re sadly out of luck. Not just this, you can’t even customize the voice settings on Alexa. So probably, if you’re not a big fan of native female voice you have no other option rather than get used to it!

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3. Missing Command Shortcuts

alexa command


Google Home is a tough competitor of Alexa as both the devices actually serve the same purpose. Last year Google Home added a new “Shortcuts” feature which allows you to manage commands in a much easier and faster way. Basically, if there is a big complicated command, say “Ok, Google please show all my vacation pictures on TV” then you can assign a shorter command to it like “Ok, Google Show pics” or whatever you like. But as of now Alexa is still missing of such command shortcuts. You can’t create shortcut commands for things you do frequently like playing music, knowing about weather update, etc.

4. Cannot Change Alexa’s Voice

Google Home recently added six new voices and similarly Apple has also integrated Siri in multiple languages and voices. But in the case of Alexa, you might have to be stuck with the plain and simple robotic female voice.

5. Can’t Record Voice Note

Well, yes that’s pretty odd, right? Alexa can record short notes but it is still incapable of recording voice memos. This is even more surprising as Alexa almost records everything we say and stores it your respective Amazon account. But the fact that it doesn’t record voice memos becomes a bit hard to believe!

6. Don’t Rely on Alexa for Emergency Services

Yes, that’s surprisingly odd too! Well, Alexa can surely call mobile numbers and lot of landline numbers as well but you can’t rely on it for emergency situations as it is not capable of dialing 911 or 1-800.

7. No Support for Location Based Reminders

 Alexa reminder


Google Home now supports location based reminders where you get notified based on your current location. However, location reminders like “When I leave home” or “Remind me while I’m at the Grocery store” don’t pretty much work with Alexa. Alexa manages time based reminders quite efficiently, but in the case of location reminders you are still out of luck!

So folks, here were a few features that Alexa is still missing of and we definitely hope to see these features on our favorite smart home assistant very soon. There are still a plenty of things Amazon is yet to explore with Alexa. We hope Alexa gets better with time! (Fingers Crossed)



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