7 Best Solar Powered Gadgets Every Home Should Have

Have you ever imagined how many dollars you spend on your electricity bill every year? Well yes, the numbers might sound fascinating! But if you calculate it in the long run, the figures won’t be quite pleasing. And it’s not just about the numbers actually, the amount of electricity we’re consuming on a daily basis is also releasing harmful pollutants in the environment.

So, guess it’s now time to put solar power into hands, right? We always keep on thinking about a number of ways to save our environment. So, why not take an initiative right today? As IoT (Internet of Things) has become a crucial part of our lifestyle it’s our duty to protect the environment by investing into smart gadgets and devices.

For starters, here are the 7 best solar powered gadgets to keep your home sweet home green on the go!

1. Solar Smart Lock

Solar Smart Lock

A solar powered smart lock to protect your home! Isn’t this a great idea? Array is a leading smart lock manufacturers company. The lock comes with a built in solar panel and allows you to securely control your home from Smartphone (Available for iOS and Android both). Array Smart lock comes with a lithium rechargeable battery which can get automatically powered by sun if you place the lock at the right angle on your doorstep (Facing the sun).

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2. A Sun Stove

A Sun Stove

Solar cooking with technology can surely create wonders! GoSun’s innovative solar stove catches sun’s power to cook delicious meals and, boils water. The gadget has a parabolic reflector which converts heat into electricity. GoSun’s solar stove is super portable and is easy to carry as it just weighs about 900 grams. Don’t you think it’s the perfect gadget for your barbeque sessions, or balconies or the beach maybe?

3. GardenSpace Robot

GardenSpace Robot

Are you fond of gardening or home-grown veggies? Ever dreamt about owning a garden or backyard which is filled with your favorite vegetables and fruits? Well, if yes then GardenSpace robot can help in making your dreams come true. GardenSpace is a solar powered robot equipped with motion-sensing, 360-degree-view camera watches the plants, and can even throw water on trespassing animals. Simply connect the device with a water supply and a WiFi network and you’re then good to go!

4. SunnyTech Solar Powered Reading Lamp

SunnyTech Solar Powered Reading Lamp

Sunnytech solar powered reading lamp is a must have gadget for your home. It is super portable and comes with a USB port which allows you to charge your phone as well. The lamp is ideal for bedroom and can easily be a part of your reading sessions. It takes no space so you can also carry it along for outdoor activities like camping or trekking.

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5. Creative Edge Solar Phone Charger

Creative Edge Solar Phone Charger

This awesome gadget can store up to 5000 mah power inside it and can run for almost 6 hours in a single charge. You can keep it anywhere near the window or the corner of your office desk for the device to charge. The device comes with two built-in USB ports for charging, allowing you to charge two Smartphones at the same time.

6. SolarGaps Window Blinds

SolarGaps Window Blinds

This amazing solar powered gadget can not only cut down your electricity bills but also give an elegant look to your Smart home at the same time. SolarGaps Window blinds come with a dedicated mobile app which allows you to adjust the right angle of blinds via Smartphone. The blinds can generate up to 150 watts of power for every 10 square feet of a window covered.

7. Logitech Solar Wireless Keyboard

Logitech Solar Wireless Keyboard

Most of us have a desktop at home, right? But why waste more and more power on it when you have a fair chance to save some extra electricity watts? Logitech solar powered wireless keyboard can easily charge itself from sun or any sort of artificial light and can work for approx three straight long months.

So fellas, here were the 7 best solar powered gadgets for your home sweet home. It’s a good time to invest in any of these gadgets as all they ask for is a lil bit of sunshine!

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