7 Best Free Email Service Providers

Emails have certainly taken main stage as the primary form of official and often, unofficial communications. Sending emails is not only quicker than actually posting a letter, but it also allows media sharing such as audio files, documents, photographs, and videos etc.

Despite social media becoming more popular these days, businesses still rely on emails for any official and personal communications. So if you’re an entrepreneur looking for a dedicated email client for your newly setup enterprise and don’t want to shell out cash, here are some best free email service providers you can try.

Best Free Email Service Providers

1. Gmail

gmail best free mail service

Now it’s obvious why Gmail has placed numero uno on this list as it’s simply the best. It doesn’t complicate things for users and makes it extremely easy for users to manage their inbox. Moreover, it is loaded with neat features such as ‘undo sent mail’ that makes it a win for anyone who chooses this. With more than a billion users worldwide Gmail is arguably the most popular email providers and can also be called among the best free email service providers.

2. Yahoo

yahoo mail free mail service

Although they’ve been plagued by data breaches in recent years, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less popular. It has been in existence since 1994 and is still one of the most popular email providers. Some cool features include SSL encryption, auto-delete trash and more than 1 tb storage capacity. It might not be as simple and slick as Gmail, but owing to its legacy, Yahoo still continues to be one of the best free email service providers.

3. Yandex

yandex mail

North American users might not be aware of this, but Yandex is like Google in Russia. They not only operate one of the biggest search engines, but their email service is near impervious to any virus laden spam mails making it one of the most popular email providers. They offer unlimited storage space and users can also view attachments without opening emails. Yandex also provides various hotkeys to make work even quicker for professionals.

4. Outlook

outlook mail

Formerly known as Hotmail.com, Outlook by Microsoft is a reliable and highly secure email client. With over 400 million users worldwide, we can safely say that it is among the most popular email providers across the globe. You can undelete emails, use Office for web and doesn’t feature any intrusive advertisements. It also comes with two-step verification, making it far more secure than most other names.

5. Inbox by Gmail


If you’re sick of your email address being full of useless emails that simply sit in your message inbox, then ‘Inbox by Gmail’ will certainly solve all your problems. The best part is that it is also available for Android and iOS platforms and is likely to evolve into Gmail due to it’s slick features. Navigation in Inbox is far easier and automatically arranges emails according to their topics. Its unique save to inbox also helps users save important links and media while browsing the web making it one of the best email service providers.

6. Tutanota

Tutanota logo

As weird as it may sound, but Tutanota is actually a great alternative to popular email providers such as Gmail and Yahoo etc. Its name is derived from a latin word that literally translates to ‘Secure Message’. It encrypts your emails so only you get to decide who can access them. Moreover, it also allows recipients to reply in an encrypted message to make conversations and communications more secure. It comes for both iOS and Android platforms with support for over 31 languages.


7. Lycos


If you’re looking for a no-nonsense email service that is easy to setup and is free, then Lycos will do the trick for you. Although it lacks support for multiple devices, it is extremely simple for novice users and is packed with features. It provides 3gb storage and a built-in spam filter. Additionally, you can also send emails with aliases that helps maintain anonymity where required.


8. Proton

proton mail _best free email service provider

While not the best Proton Mail is certainly more secure than most popular email service providers. All your mails are encrypted and support rich text. It also equipped with a highly adept spam filter and you can also set emails for auto-deletion after a certain period of time. It works on both desktop and mobile platforms and is certainly the best free email provider you can choose.


9. Hushmail

hush mail- free email service provider 2017

Like its name suggests, Hushmails ensures no one can snoop through your emails by encrypting them. It works for your smartphone as well as your desktop so you can easily access your account from any platform. The emails are encrypted with OpenPGP standard and accounts are also secured with 2-step verification. It also allows you to create your personalized domain, making it extremely beneficial for new enterprises. Moreover, users can also use aliases to keep their primary emails anonymous to recipients making for an effective email service.


10. iCloud Mail

iCloud mail best free mail service

If you’re an iOS user, there’s no way you haven’t tried your hands on iCloud Mail. Even if you have an active Apple id , you can make use of their email provider. It has an adept spam filter that keeps any malicious emails at bay. It’s auto-response feature is also far more versatile than any competitor. It also boasts of several cloud-based tools and features that make it one of the best email service providers.

11. Zoho Mail

zoho mail

While most freemium versions have problems such as advertisements, Zoho mail does not discriminate between anyone and provides email service totally free of charge and ads. However, its free version is only limited to 5 GB per account but it still offers free antivirus protection and has tools such as calendar, notes and tasks.


The above names are not only the best you can find, but are totally free of any subscription making them perfect for new businesses. We hope you found this list helpful and if you feel we missed a name, please feel free to provide your suggestions in comments.

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