7 Awesome OnePlus 6 Tips And Tricks To Get Started!

OnePlus 6 is the latest Smartphone of 2018 and has become the prime talk of tech town! From its pristine giant display to stunning camera to an amazing processor OnePlus 6 has surely given us so many reasons to fall in love. And when all of this comes in an attractive affordable price tag, it is surely one of the best deals to crack.

one plus 6 new smartphone

So, if you have recently purchased this amazing Smartphone or are thinking to buy it in the near future here are a few OnePlus 6 tips and tricks to make the most of this gadget.

Let’s get started with OnePlus 6 by tweaking a few settings!

1. Battery Status Bar Style


Battery Status Bar Style in one plus 6

Do you know any other Smartphone that allows you to customize the battery status bar just the way you like it? No, right? Well, with OnePlus 6 this becomes a pretty handy job. Head on to Settings> Status Bar > Battery style to explore a few other options how you can revamp your battery status bar. You can add or remove icons as per your preference and make room by customizing battery status style.

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2. Opt for Gesture Based Navigation

Opt for Gesture Based Navigation one plus 6

Button based navigation seems so main stream and especially when you have OnePlus 6. OnePlus offers a bunch of gesture based navigation features that can change the way how you use your device. So, it’s time to say goodbye to button based navigation and switch to handy gestures instead. To enable gesture based navigation on OnePlus 6 head on to Settings > Buttons > Navigation bar & gestures and select the bottom option.

And if you’re not pretty comfortable with screen gestures, you can also use button controls and assign multiple options by picking from a series of options. Say, you can assign a Google Assistant shortcut which launches on long pressing the home button. To assign shortcuts, head on to Settings> Buttons.

3. Customize Alert Slider

Customize Alert Slider

OnePlus 6 allows you to assign some extra couple of options to the slider bar. Yes, apart from Silent, vibrate and ring mode of course. Head on to Settings> Alert Slider to explore a few of more options for customizing alert slider.

4. Ditch the Shelf

Ditch the Shelf

When you head on the left most side of the home screen, you get access to OnePlus 6’s shelf where you see all sorts of weather updates, recently used apps info, favorite contacts and more. But if you’re not a big fan of OnePlus 6’s Shelf and want to get rid of it, long press anywhere on the home screen, tap “Home Settings” and toggle off the Shelf switch from the menu.

5. Notch Display Settings

Notch Display Settings in one plus 6

The top-notch display has become a thing in almost all latest Smartphones. But if you’re anyway willing to ditch it here’s what you can do. Go to Settings > Display > Notch display. Here you can customize your OnePlus 6 display, just how you like it!

6. Change Icon Packs

change icon pack in one plus 6

Usually Smartphones support one default icon pack and if you wish to get more of such packs then we have to rely on a third-party application to install more. Well, this is not the case with OnePlus 6 as it has some pretty cool icon packs to choose from. Long press on the home screen, tap on Home Settings> Icon packs to pick your favorite one.

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7. Lift to Wake

lift to wake up one plus 6

The lift to wake feature on Smartphones is super convenient as we don’t have to tap the button to unlock our device each time we want to use it. To enable lift to wake on OnePlus 6 head on to Settings > Display > Ambient display and enable the “Lift up display”.

So folks, here were a few of OnePlus 6 tips and tricks to get started with your new device. Watch this space for more such updates!

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