7 Android Features iOS Still Lacks Till Date

iOS and Android–the rivalry between these two clans has been going on since a while! One after another year, the Smartphone industry has witnessed various conflicts of opinion between these two major platforms about which is superior to another. Even if we ask your personal opinion about what’s your pick between Android and iOS then we ‘re sure you all must have different answers and justifications.

Android offers us an ease of customization whereas iOS offers better functionalities of operation. On the other hand, where iOS enhances security, Android offers freedom. Well, this debate can go for long.

No matter which operating system you’re using, there are always a handful of things which makes one platform better than another. So, in this blog we’re going to discuss why Android is better than iOS by discussing a few features which former offers and iOS still lacks till date. (Yes, even after the latest iOS update).

1. Multiple User Accounts

multiple user account android feature

This is one major iOS drawback as it doesn’t allow users to create multiple user accounts on one device. On the other hand, on Android we can create more than one user account and share our device with other users without worrying about our personal data. Suppose, your friend wants to lend your Smartphone, then he/she can easily use your device and sign up with his own personal account so that your personal info is not shared with them.

2. Third Party Browsers

third party brwoser on safari

iOS has only default web browser i.e. Safari where Android allows us to download more than web browsers and set a particular browser as default one. Even if you download other browsers on iOS all the links will get opened in Safari browser at the first place.

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3. Redesigning the Home Screen

redesign your android with launcher

Well, yes iOS is quite annoying when it comes to customizing the home screen. Yes, it surely allows us to group the apps and move them into folders but that’s just it! On the other hand, Android gives us so much customization freedom so that we can design our home screen just how we like it.

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4. Expandable Storage

expendable storage for phone

Yes, that’s a bummer! iOS devices only offer internal storage and we cannot add any additional storage mediums when running out of space. On iPhones you are just stuck with pretty basic storage options like 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB 128 GB or 256 GB which is pretty annoying. However, on Android we can increase the storage capabilities of our device by using memory cards and multiple sims too.

5. Always ON Display

always on display android feature

Well, yes that’s quite trending now a days. All the latest Smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S9 and One Plus 6 offer the Always On display feature which iOS still misses of till date. The Always ON display is a relatively new feature which displays all the relevant information on the lock screen.

6. Themes

change custom theme

On Android you can install as many themes as you want from Google Play Store and customize your device just the way you like it. On the other hand, when it comes to iOS you are simply out of luck when it comes to installing third party theme packs and redesigning the interface.

7. Multitasking

multitasking android feature

Android defines the true meaning of multitasking as it allows us to run more than one app on a single screen. Suppose, if you’re preparing a grocery list you can simultaneously open the calculator app on the same window to do your calculations and stuff. The multitasking is surely available on iPad but when it comes to Smartphones iOS still lacks this feature as of now.

So folks, here were a few reasons why Android is better than iOS in some or the other way. Which Smartphone operating system do you love the most? Feel free to share your feedback in the comments box below.

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