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Pull out your shopping bags, create wish-lists of your favorite stuff, and get ready to load your shopping carts. No, it’s not Christmas! The countdown to Amazon Prime Day has finally begun. Yes, you heard that right! Amazon Prime Day is starting from 16th July and will continue till 3 AM of 18th July in order to offer you the best shopping experience of lifetime.

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So, if you haven’t subscribed to Prime membership yet, maybe now is the time. Amazon Prime Day is basically a one-day shopping spree which will allow you to score the best deals on your favorite products. It is one of the biggest events of this year and only Prime members can benefit from these services.

But if you are not willing to subscribe for Amazon Prime, you can still undertake the 30-day free trial to make the most of Prime Day. Just sign up to Amazon Prime and make sure you cancel the subscription before 30 days so that you don’t get charged.

Here are a few Amazon Prime day tips to score the best deals and offers from this biggest online shopping event.

1. Make a Wish List

Make a Wish List

Impulse buying is never a great idea! Yes, we always end up buying products that we don’t even need. So, what we recommend you is a take lil bit of time from your routine and think what you actually need. Think of all the products which you were planning to buy through all this time and make a list. Don’t just think in past, think ahead too! Maybe your spouse’s birthday is coming next month so you might make the most of Prime day benefits to surprise them. Just create a wish list and save all the items that you wish to buy so that when Prime Day comes, you just have to check out your cart and save a lot of precious time.

2. Amazon’s Sneak Peak

Amazon’s Sneak Peak

It’s always better to stay ahead, isn’t it? Just download the Amazon app and tap the Prime Day banner to explore what’s there in store. Here you can preview lightning deals and see whether you’re interested in a specific product or not. Also, explore deals and offers in “Today’s deal” section and tap on “Watch this deal” if you’re interested in buying the product so that Amazon notifies you once the product is up for sale.

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3. Maybe Alexa Knows Something Too…

Wouldn’t it be great if Alexa helps you look for the best Amazon Prime Day deals ever? Just ask Alexa “Hey Alexa, what are my Prime day deals” and surprise yourself. She’ll offer you some amazing bunch of suggestions based on your previous shopping history so that you don’t miss out on anything you love.

4. Shop in Categories

Shop in Categories

As per experts have recommended some of the best categories to shop on Prime day are: Tech, smart home, TV’s and toys. You can surely make the most of Prime day benefits in these specific shopping categories.

5. Check Out Official Amazon Products

Check Out Official Amazon Products

Do you already have Alexa? Yeah that’s cool but if you’re thinking to buy it anytime sooner Prime day might offer some best deals. Shopping experts have recommended that this 36-hour sale has come great offers exclusively on official Amazon products including Alexa, Echo Show, Amazon Music and so on. So, we hope you don’t miss checking out this section as well!

6. Monitor Price Before & AfterMonitor Price Before & After

Sale is often confusing! And especially when you have tons of products in your cart it’s tough to maintain track of prices. Maybe it was cheaper earlier or maybe you’re buying it for a higher amount, you never know, right? Well, there’s this tool called as ranktracer.com which allows you to monitor prices of Amazon products and it instantly notifies you if there’s any price drop on a selected product.

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7. Stock up for The Holidays

You have no idea when the next Amazon Prime day will roll out! So, it’s better that you stock up for holidays and upcoming events, and seal the deal with best offers & rebates. Shop smartly and make the most of this big event.

So folks, hope you loved these Amazon Prime day tips to score the best deals on your favorite products!

Buckle up fellas!

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