6 Useful Tips on How to Keep Your Photo Gallery Organized

Clicking pictures is our all-time favorite obsession! And thanks to our smartphone, that now we can randomly capture our favorite moments without having any second thoughts. As easy as it gets to click pictures, more and more photographs keep landing in our computer’s storage eventually. And we certainly don’t stop until the memory gets clogged completely and prompts a notification to delete some media to free up space. Yes, we’ve all been through that!
Remember how back in 80’s and 90’s, we used to store our pictures in photo albums? Each of our memories were well preserved and neatly organized in albums whether it’s birthday, anniversary, vacation or any other occasion. Well, agree or not, but organizing your photo album surely gives you a peace of mind!

So, here are some quick tips on how to organize your photo collection, so you don’t waste hours of your precious time browsing through entire collection while looking for a specific picture.

How To Organize Photo Gallery

Get Rid of Duplicates


First things first, as they say! When it comes to organizing your photo collection, the first thing you need to do is get rid of all duplicate pictures so that your photo gallery is only filled with unique items. Wondering where to start off? Manually hunting down for duplicates may take hours and hours of time and is surely a tedious task. Well, what is if there is an all-in-one solution that automatically scans and deletes all the duplicate pictures from your device. Yes, fortunately thanks to Duplicate Photos Fixer tool that is capable of managing and removing redundant photo files from your device. Duplicate Photos Fixer is available for all platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. So, what’re you waiting for? Download now and get rid of all the duplicate pictures in a jiffy!

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Don’t Hesitate to Delete

Dont Hesitate to Delete
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Yes, we understand how painful it gets when you have to delete a picture. It’s like we’re erasing an important part from our memory. But not all pictures are close to our heart, right? So, take some time off and go through your photo collection. You will definitely find a few pictures that are irrelevant, blurry or maybe not so dear to you. Don’t hesitate and delete all those pictures that are not at all worthy of staying in your photo collection.

Import to a Safe Location

Import to a Safe Location

Well, if you’re not good at deleting pictures then the second-best option you can do to organize your photo gallery is importing. You can either import the pictures to any of your cloud services account or move them to a USB flash drive, an external storage medium, whatever suits you the best.

Folders and Subfolders

Yes, it may take a little time at first but if you develop a habit of grouping your pictures into folders and subfolder, it will really help you in keeping your photo gallery organized. There are many criteria on how you can organize your pictures, like whether you can do it on the basis of chronological order, occasion, photo type (portraits or random) or anything that you prefer.

Rename Pictures

You must be wondering what renaming has to do anything with organizing, right? Well, when you import your phone’s pictures to your desktop then this can prove out to be pretty useful. Suppose you’re looking for anything specific, like your birthday pictures from a year ago or your kid’s photos then you can easily find what you’re looking for by entering the right search phrase. Your system will fetch and display results faster so that you don’t have to devote any additional time or effort!

Photo Management Tool


Last but not the least, if you don’t want to follow any of the above-mentioned ways then you can rely on a third-party photo management tool that neatly does the job for you. Photo Organizer Tool for Windows, can prove out to be an ideal pick when it comes to organizing your photo album. You can use this tool on your Windows PC to keep all your digital collection well organized and sorted. Photo Organizer can smartly streamline your entire photo collection without any hassle.

Hope you liked our post on how to organize photo gallery. We hope you will follow these tips in keeping your photo collection organized and tidy!

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