6 Upcoming VR Games You Must Be Excited About

Virtual Reality (VR) is an approach to simulate the reality and create a vivid experience. It is a computer-generated environment wherein a user is capable of feeling the physical environment of the artificial world that consists realistic images, sounds and other sensations that stimulate a naturalistic view. Virtual Reality effects are created with a VR Headset with a head-mounted display with a small screen. VR Systems also includes vibration transmission to the user with a controller.

VR has made an incredible advancement in the gaming applications to bring science fiction into life. Many Game development Companies have taken a step forward developing their own VR systems to revolutionize this experience. This upcoming quarter of year 2018 is going to be a thrilling season for the VR enthusiasts. So here we present to you 6 upcoming games that will bring your gaming experience “near to reality”.

Upcoming VR Games In 2018

1. Star Child

Release Date: Summer 2018               Publisher: GameTrust Games

Genre: Adventure / Platformer         Developer: Playful Corp

It is a sci-fi space adventure that bypasses the mainstream flow of a platformer. The Storyline begins with the Journey of Spectra and her partner on a mission to an alien Planet. Their mission is to fight back to regain the planet’s defense system back from a giant entity of the alien planet. With an amalgamation of great graphics and cinematic adventure it will lead a gamer inside you into action.

Star Child

Image source: starchildthegame.com

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2. Sprint Vector

Release Date: Summer 2018                    Publisher:  Survios

Genre: Adrenaline-Platformer/Racing    Developer: Survios

With the integration of unique arm-swinging fluid locomotion style, Sprint Vector will give you an athletic sensation where you can race, jump, climb, drift, fling and fly with the locomotion system. The game offers you to opt for a character, each of which has its own special skills and competes with other characters with special power-ups which come in your way throughout various competitive tracks. You can either play it in single or in multiplayer mode with your friends.

Sprint Vector

Image source: steampowered.com

3. Blood and Truth

Release Date: Spring 2018            Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Genre: Action / Shooter                 Developer: SIE London Studios

It is the best set of rich storyline and crazy hard-hitting action. The storyline begins with elite Special Forces soldier Ryan Marks who is on a rescue mission of his family from mafia cartels. VR adds a stupendous visualization to this creative storyline. The game will give goosebumps when VR lets you feel the vibrations of your gun and reloading a weapon with both hands as if you are holding a weapon in your hand. One of the best feature of this game is the customizability of your character wherein you decide your own set of dialogues.

Blood and Truth

Image source: playstation.com

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4. Marvels Power United

Release Date: Mid 2018               Publisher: Oculus Studios & Sanzaru

Genre: Action                                 Developer: Oculus Studios & Sanzaru

Crazy Marvel fan? This is the the ultimate fusion of all superhero movies and gaming. Battle against your rival with Hulk, Deadpool, Rocket Raccoon and Captain Marvel. Unleash your various characters in VR with high skills and superpowers with your friends and fight all in the Marvel universe. It is recommended to play the game with Oculus VR System, which supports smart locomotion with no discomfort.

Marvels Power United

Image source: oculus.com


5.Firewall: Zero-Hour

Release Date: Oct 2018                 Publisher: PSVR

Genre: Action                                   Developer: PSVR

Firewall Zero Hour is a team-based strategic and 4vs4 tactical multiplayer FPS supporting Dualshock and PS aim. The attacking team’s aim is to surpass all the firewall access points, locating the security system and hack it and on the contrary the defending team needs to secure the firewall access point and protect the security system and prevent the hack. The game requires an effective teamwork and skills to operate the modern weapons and offensive/defensive equipment’s. Cryptocurrencies are rewarded at the end of the match to the players to upgrade their weapons.

Firewall Zero-Hour

Image source: playstation.com

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6. Ace Combat 7

Release Date: To be confirmed       Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Genre: Shooter / Simulation            Developer: Project Aces

Ace Combat 7 offers you a rank of an Ace-an elite fighter pilot and your job is to patrol the sky with daring aerial stunts and combat in deadly aerial face-offs. The game lets you opt among the modern and futuristic aircrafts loaded with heavy weapons.  It can be the best aerial simulation game by Project Aces. So be ready to climb into the cockpit with series of extensive features.

Ace Combat 7

Image source: playstation.com

I hope this blog uplifted the gamer inside you. Be ready with your counterparts to indulge into life like gaming experience.

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