6 Things To Try On Your New Android Wear Smartwatch

Wearing a smartwatch is a pleasure of its own kind. It’s like having entire control over technology and apps right on your wrist! Well! with time almost all our gadgets that surround us have become pretty smart from smartphones to smart TV to smart watches.

From being desktop or laptop dependent, we have come a long way with Smartphones enabling us to work from anywhere at any time. There’s nothing that a Smartphone can’t do, right? Similarly, with time it seems Smart watches are taking over control on Smartphones. Now watches are not just constrained to display time related information but can also do a lot more than that. Since the revolution of Smart watches, developers have really worked hard to make it better and useful with every update.

When it comes to Smart watch, Apple always becomes our first pick. Well, not anymore! With Android’s effort of jumping into smart watch industry, you might consider other options too. Android wear is the latest Smartwatch launched by Google—one of the smartest watch running in this segment.

Android Wear Smartwatch

So, if you’re one of the lucky ones and already own this trendy gadget by Google or if thinking to buy it here are the first 7 things to try on!

1. Install Apps

Install apps Android Wear Smartwatch

The only thing that makes a watch “Smart” is applications! One of the most unique features that Android wear brings is that it is not device dependent. In simple parlance, it means that you’ll no longer require a smartphone to operate this smart watch. Instead, you now have access to a dedicated Android Wear Play Store on your wrist. Search, browse by category and discover apps built specifically for your watch.

2. Smart Navigation Controls

Android Wear 2.0 is totally based on gesture controls and swipes. Hence, navigation within the watch screen is pretty simple and sorted with these basic controls:

  • Swipe from the left edge: To go back one screen.
  • Swipe down: To view an app’s menu.
  • Home button: The main button on your watch functions as a home button with a quick press, and launches Google Assistant with a long press.

3. Manage Complications

manage complications Android Wear Smartwatch

Yes, don’t take it literally! These complications are not that complicated as you’re probably thinking of right now. Android Wear watch faces now include complications, which are basically shortcuts that display glanceable information without having to actually launch an app. They are like those tiny widgets on the watch screen helping you to quickly access an application. Like, you can add a complication of Google Fit which will display the total step count of the day or add an appointment on Google Calendar etc.

4. Set Up Google Assistant

google assistant Android Wear Smartwatch

Make your smartwatch even smarter by enabling Google Assistant right on your wrist. To activate Google assistant on your wearable gadget all you have to do is simply long press the power button of watch. To customize Google Assistant settings on your watch, head on to Wear app on your phone and then tap on settings. And then Under the Assistant section, tap on Settings to customize controls.

5. Access Quick Settings

Access quick settings android Wear Smartwatch

Want to put your device on Airplane mode or adjust screen brightness? Well, with Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch doing these common tasks has become way simpler. To access quick settings, swipe down from the watch face and here you will find a bunch of toggle controls.

6. Stream Music Without Smartphone

Yes, you heard that right. Now you no longer require a phone to stream music on Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch. Your gadget can be easily streamed with Google Play music over Wifi or mobile data. And you know what’s more fun? You can also sync your gadget with any Bluetooth speaker and enjoy your favorite songs.

Like it already? Go and buy your Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch today and explore the power of technology right on your wrist!

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