6 Technologies to Make Your Christmas Day Perfect

…because technology adds an extra nip to your happy hours!

Apparently, there isn’t much time left for Christmas eve and everyone without exception wish to make it perfect. Of course, you can do that (despite you have only 10 days left), but you’ll have to keep a tap on best of things capable of making your Christmas eve finest ever.

Having said so, no event/celebration can ever be celebrated without technology. Perhaps, other than food and decoration, you’ll need best of technologies to help you make your Christmas eve incredible. Here is list of 6 gadgets/technologies that you’d die for, this Christmas.

  1. Hello Alexa:


Until now, we have understood artificial intelligence with Siri. However, the technique hasn’t been confined to just name. We now have Google Allo and Hello Alexa with us. While Siri and Google Allo are integrated in smartphones, Hello Alexa is an individual product. This hands-free artificially intelligent gadget will answer everything you have to ask. You can ask about weather, traffic at any area, to turn on and off lights for you or play Jeopardy. You can get the gadget easily from Amazon.

  1. Virtual Reality Games:


Games are a big high for any celebration. Get a virtual reality headset and make your eve incredible. Many brands have made these VR headsets available nowadays. This year, Facebook has also launched its first Oculus Rift which can be a perfect device for this Christmas.

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  1. Hexoskin:


For your Christmas eve better yet healthy, you should go for this new smart shirt. This shirt can measure wearer’s cardiac and breathing activity. It has a tracking device in it, which helps wearer keep a track of all these activities. So when you want to celebrate a healthy yet fun-filled Christmas, must get a Hexoskin.

  1. Battery-powered socks:


When it comes to heathy, there are also battery-powered socks. In the chilling winter, these socks can keep you warm and healthy. With the motto- Stay warm and party hard- you can get these socks. These are made up of three AA batteries and reach about 40 °C after about ten minutes. You can use these socks afterward as well, but never put them in washing machine.

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  1. Mic to improve video recording sound:


Capture the very moment is one thing no one ever miss upon. However, when you try to take videos with your device, unwelcomed noise accompanies it. You can control this noise with devices like iRig Mic Cast, an ultra-compact microphone producing excellent all-round video. Other than this, you can also rely on Mikey Digital stereo condenser microphone. It can deliver you less than 24-bit/96k recording that’s fit for the family Christmas archive.

  1. Computer RAM Ornament:


For everyone looking for a change in Christmas decoration, here you go. Decorate you Christmas tree with tech-equipments. While there are many more great ideas, you can also rely on RAM ornaments. Along with other embellishments, you can hang a memory upgrade chip. This is available in marketspace for around $18.95.

So this was a list of 6 gadgets/technologies to make your Christmas day perfect. With this fine list of gadgets and a few days left in the big day, you can make sure no effort is spared for a fine Christmas eve. Hop on and get them ASAP!


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