6 Sci-Fi Technologies That Could Create Problems if They Existed

Science fiction is sure fun, especially when we choose to delve deep in the space opera world of Star Trek and Star Wars. For centuries we have marveled at the idea of space travel at light speed, encounters with alien species and most importantly, futuristic technology. It might already be hard to believe, but commonly found technology such as wireless communication devices (mobile phones), video conferencing and even aircrafts were a part of science fiction. These new ‘gadgets’ have certainly revolutionized our lives for good and are a definitive sign that we would see more. Nevertheless, there are several grey areas that still render these technologies as imperfect and in need of further improvement. Although science fiction has fueled the minds of young inventors for ages, there are some technologies that should better be left off in the imaginative world. Listed below are some technologies that could create havoc if they existed.

  • Enhancement Serums

Who doesn’t love Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America, the scrawny boy from Brooklyn who was given the ‘Super Soldier Serum’ that turned him into the benevolent superhero. As amazing as the idea of such a chemical sound, it would only be used to create mindless weapons of war in real life. Artificially enhanced soldiers have been quite popular in various works of science fiction for many years now (Final Fantasy 7, Metal Gear Solid, X Men etc.). Just like how the existence of such a technology creates problems in the fictional world, it is bound to create problems if ever introduced in real life.

Super Soldier Serum


  • Time Travel


Back to the Future is definitely one of the most famous (if not incorrect) depictions of time travel shown in cinema. Although the movie eventually ends on a happy note, it teaches us an important lesson to not mess with the concept of space time continuum. Time travel is not only impractical (you cannot really meet your future self as a double), but will certainly rip the very fabric of existence. Another example of how time travel created bigger problems can be seen in the RTS game Red Alert. In the game Albert Einstein invented a time machine, that is used by the Allies to travel back in time to assassinate Adolph Hitler before he rose to power. They return to the present only to find Soviet Russia become a much bigger threat and the world is still thrown into global warfare.

Time Travel

  • Teleportation

The idea of instant teleportation wasn’t always a part of science fiction. This was a concept that sci-fi writers borrowed from fantasy, providing a more plausible term called quantum teleportation. Although there has been some considerable scientific development on the concept of such a mode of transport, we’re lightyears away from any significant progress. But to think of it, such technology would only create problems and raise some major security concerns. Even if it is not made available to the average consumer, such an ability in the hands of anyone could trigger a global war.

Teleportation gone wrong

  • Microchip Implants

Also known as subdermal micro-chip implants, this technology is only one from the list that actually exists in real time applications. Sure such implants are used currently in medical science, but we’re certainly not far from using it for other more devious purposes. This technology is signaled for application in enhance human memory that sounds like a good thing, but would also make your brain as vulnerable as the data on your computer. Didn’t we learn anything from Johnny Mnemonic or the Matrix?

Microchip Implants

  • Artificial Intelligence

The idea of creating a sentient machine is definitely a risky one. Despite of numerous depictions in movies and works of fiction deeming this technology as evil, we still cannot let of the benefits of a machine doing all the work for us. Just how machines turn on humans in the terminator movie, there are high chances that our very own creation would want to surpass us if given enough control. There are several applications of this technology, but they all have limitations making them inferior to a human brain. So unless you want Skynet to happen, it is better to keep this from any military applications.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Diet Water

Sometimes you just want to leave this planet for being too ‘watery’ and stupid.

Diet Water

The last one is an obvious joke but believe it or not, it actually exists today. This definitely shows how technological advancement isn’t always good and can turn from being innocently naïve to being a danger to our very existence.

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