6 New Year’s Tech Resolutions: 2021

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New Year is near, and most of us have already decided on our resolutions. Some may take a resolution to stay fit, learn a new skill or may be abandoning old bad habits.

Where it takes a lot of effort to stick to your New Year resolutions in your personal life, there are some resolutions you should take to improvise your tech life too.

These resolutions may comprise of ways to keep your data secure, or to organize your data like photos and videos etc.

This article comprises of 6 best New Year’s tech resolutions which we all should adopt. So, without any delay, let’s dig in.

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1. Unsubscribe Unwanted Email Lists and Delete Spam/Unwanted Emails

unsubscribe unwanted mails

We all tend to subscribe to newsletters or promotional emails assuming they will be of help. On the contrary, rather than helping, these emails occupy a lot of space on your email accounts.

Not only this, when planning to delete them it gets difficult finding them. An effective remedy to these unwanted emails clogging your Inbox is unsubscribing the ones you do not require. Simply click on the unsubscribe button to stop receiving any emails from the respective email address.

Also, you can take 5 minutes of your day to delete all the unwanted emails. This will help you manage the Inbox.

Apart from this, there are also innumerable Spam and Junk emails that clutter your mail account. Make sure you clear them regularly to recover valuable space.

It may seem like a difficult task, but it’s just a matter of 10 minutes per day and you are done.

2. Organize Your Photos & Files

duplicate photos fixer pro

We all love clicking photos and preserving those beautiful memories, isn’t it?

Though gadgets nowadays provide ample of storage space. With passage of time, it starts running out. One of the major reasons for clogged up systems is the innumerable number of photos and files.

A useful method is to delete the duplicate files and images from your PC. Manual deletion of these files and pictures is an impossible task to accomplish. Owing to this there are many software’s available in the market that can solve the problem. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro and Duplicate Files Fixer from Systweak Software are two other apps that work fantastically well and save you both energy and time.

So, make a resolution for the year 2021, download these apps to manage storage space of your Windows PC and enhance its functioning.

3. Backup Your Data Regularly To Cloud Storage

cloud storage

The easier it seems the harder it is.

Managing storage space on your Windows PC seems to be an easy to do task. However, the kind of complexities and time consumed, it practically is a tremendously difficult task.

External hard drives come with huge storage spaces, however easily shrink with the passage of time. The result is, a slow, sluggish and a slow performing Windows PC.

An effective solution to this is using Online Cloud Storage. Online cloud storages let you easily upload your data to clouds. These cloud storages are not only easy to use but are also secure. Upload your pictures, documents, files videos etc. and effectively manage your Windows PC storage.

Amongst the easiest option available falls Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

If you wish to use third-party apps, we recommend you use the most reliable and secure software. RightBackup software from Systweak Software is an amazingly useful app the lets you backup your data online.

4. Let Others Benefit From Your Old Tech Devices:

old tech devices

Another best New Year’s tech resolution is donating gadgets.

It’s New Year 2021 and what’s best than doing some charity. I am sure there must be gadgets that you might not have used for long but are still in working conditions.

Burying them under heaps of dust is no good. Why not make a resolution in 2021 and distribute these tech gadgets to needy ones?

Though you can easily find ways to resell them, you will not experience the sense of happiness you will gain when donating them. Be it the smallest gadget like a pair of earplugs to big ones like tablets, phones you can donate anything and everything.

5. Buy Yourself Some Personal Time, Spend Less on Social Media

spend less on social media

Buying time for personal pleasure seems totally difficult. 90% of the population nowadays are so indulged scrolling social media apps that they barely get some personal leisure time.

Social Media though gives a way to stay connected with your friends and outside world, can waste a lot of time and energy. These apps are distracting, and can have a negative impact on productivity and maintaining a balanced life.

So, make a resolution this New Year, balance your time between social media apps and doing productive work.

Try it, it really works. The result: you will feel more energized, positive and rejuvenated.

6. Have A Password Manager:

password managar

Are you good at remembering passwords of innumerable accounts, be them online shopping sites, email accounts etc.? I am not!!

That’s the reason I always rely on the best Password Managing app: Password Manager.

Have it installed on your Windows PC and save yourself from overburdening your mind while trying to recall passwords.

Password Manager is a software that saves and manages all the passwords for your different accounts. It effectively autofill’s the passwords when asked. Not only this it also creates highly secure password.

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So, folks, New Year is nearby and we all should take some or the other resolution for our betterment. Let’s try out these best New Year’s tech resolutions and welcome 2021 on a good note.

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