6 Incredible Features That Sets iOS 10.3 Apart!

Say hello to new iOS 10.3 which is going to be the last update for iOS 10 before iOS 11 is revealed in June this year.

Let’s check out the new features that Apple has to offer for iPhone and iPad with this new release.

  • Apple ID profile settings:

A new feature added in iOS 10.3 is at the top of setting’s menu, with your account information. By tapping on your profile, it allows you to see your name, updated contact number, email address, iCloud, iTunes and App Store and the payment & shipping information. If you scroll down, you will see the list of Apple devices you are signed into along with your Ids.

  • Check weather report in 3D touch Maps:


Image Source: idownloadblog.com

iPhone 6 and later have 3D support touch, using which you can see weather forecast for next seven days for your current location. Weather icon is available at the bottom right corner of your screen in the map app.

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  • “Find My Airpod” App:


Image Souce: express.co.uk

If you use Apple products and love AirPods, this app is a must for you. New feature of iOS 10.3 aims to fix one of the biggest issues of Apple customers, “Find My AirPods” is a new feature with a self-explanatory name.

Storage breakdown feature now available on iCloud.


Storage breakdown is the most effective way to manage your storage in your phone or computer. This feature will make life easier for those who use their phone frequently for downloading videos, movies, and songs. Now, you can keep a track on storage breakdown and how exactly you are using your iCloud storage. Tap on the iCloud icon in profile section to check your details. This app will give you brief information about the consumption of total gigs so far and it will also help in improving your device performance. Although you can depend on this app, make sure whenever you get an alert of low storage on screen, that means you need to optimize your storage.

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And yes… Don’t forget to “Activate the two-factor authentication” on your account as it will add more security to it.

  • App compatibility status


Image Source: Applesupport.com

Every app is dependent on a specific hardware feature and upgrading your device and app will enhance speed and performance. Unfortunately, sometimes you will notice some of the apps don’t provide any new updates, that can make your machine stagnant. iOS 10.3 allows you to identify the culprit. After visiting general settings options. This feature will inform you of having non-compatible apps which would not be compatible with future iOS versions.

  • A better way to store your files


Image Source: iOSgadgethacks.com

Majority of people use their iPhone for more than just making calls. As per new study, an average iPhone user tends to spend two hours a day on his/her gadget. It means we spend half of the time just to organize and store our files. “Apple’s new file system” is a new feature for Apple users to organize their device with strong encryption.

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Altogether, a new generation of iPhone attracts more users and this time Apple has come up with some amazing features, that will surely take over the market of smartphones.

Let us know what do you think of iOS 10’s latest update?

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