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Thanksgiving traditions have remained pretty much the same since the first settlers met with native Americans. Sure there are no puritans or Pocahontas’ to be seen in this age, Thanksgiving is still the best time to share gifts and express your gratitude with others. While most people stick to the regular turkey tradition, you know gifting a dead bird to express your gratitude doesn’t always cut it. Especially when this holiday coincides with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there’s no way you should consider ordinary gifts for your friends or loved ones. Listed below are some extremely cool gadgets that will make cool presents, this thanksgiving.

Snapchat Glasses

Although the marginally successful Google Glass started it all, Snapchat Glasses seemed to have perfected the formula. Unlike the gimmicky functions in Google Glass, Snapchat Glasses are simple sunglasses equipped with a video camera. These glasses allow users to shoot 10-second video-snapshots that are directly uploaded to snapchat accounts. The camera lens is supposed to mimic the human eye and shoots videos in a circular field of view as GoPro. The product is currently available at an approximate price of $130, from their respective vending machines named ‘SnapBots’. These machines will be available at various locations throughout the US.


NES Classic Edition

No one could never go wrong with a gift like this. Now play your favorite NES games like Mario, Zelda, Ghosts n Goblins and Castlevania etc. like the old days. Nintendo has launched a miniaturized version of their classic 8-bit gaming console at a throwaway price of $60. Moreover, it also comes with 30 built-in games and doesn’t support any external cartridge. The console comes with a classic NES controller and connects to your TV via HDMI cable. The pre-loaded games are also some of the best titles one can ever find for the system and will certainly bring tons of nostalgia flooding back.


PS4 Pro

One simply doesn’t forget to mention Sony PlayStation when talking about video games. Especially when we’re talking about the latest rendition of their next-gen console called PlayStation 4 Pro. Sure this would be a little expensive with its $399 price tag, but that’s still a lot less than iPhone 7. The new version of Sony’s 4th generation video game console brings a lot of improvements to the table. Features such as 4k support and better performance on high-detail graphics make PS4 Pro one of the most powerful consoles in market. Even if you don’t want to gift this badass gaming machine, it would still be a great buy this Thanksgiving.


Google Home

Make holiday season extremely futuristic by getting Google’s AI assistant for your home. Aptly named ‘Google Home’, the device looks like an ordinary Wi-Fi speaker and pretty much acts like it. However, the in-built Google Assistant, helps you control the speaker with voice commands and can perform a variety of tasks along with suggestions. You can play music, radio, podcasts, news, television streaming controls along with google search, by simply telling the assistant to do it. It is also equipped with touch-controls and can be easily paired with sister Google Home devices. The device is currently available at a reasonably low price of $129 and is a definitive thanksgiving gift this year.


Daydream VR

While $15 Google Cardboard was one of the cheapest VR kits in the market, they’ve decided to release a polished version for the technologically elite. Labeled as Google Daydream, the new VR kit is offered at a highly affordable price of approximately $80. Daydream is compatible with most phones and devices that support VR and Android Nougat. Unlike the rugged, cardboard exteriors of their former product, Daydream VR is made with soft fabric that makes it much more comfortable to wear than most other brands. It also comes with a controller that allows easy navigation. However, it is always best to use a Google Pixel Smartphone to get the most out of Daydream.


Amazon Fire HD 8

Good tablet devices are hard to find, especially when you look at their prices. Sure a $400 iPad might feel like an all-inclusive gadget; it is still too expensive to be considered as a decent gift. Amazon’s latest Fire HD 8 is a major improvement over its precursor. Compared to the older model, Fire HD 8 has a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor with 1.5 GB RAM. Additionally, it’s battery life has also been improved and can now offer up to 12 hours of use, once fully charged. It will also be compatible with Amazon Alexa voice service in a couple months. All these features and specs come in a surprise package of just $90, which is certainly a bargain.


Even if you do not wish to buy such presents, above mentioned gadgets are some of hottest and will be a great buy nonetheless. If you have any more suggestions, let us know in the comments section below.

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