6 Hidden iPad Hacks to Master it Like a Pro!

There’s a thing about gadgets—no matter how much you explore them there’s still plenty of room to find something new every then and now. And yes, the same rule applies on our iPads too! Every year Apple releases new iOS version with new features and better productivity to make our lives simpler. But as with new iOS versions a bunch of new features are rolled out, some or a few ones always get neglected.

Keeping this in consideration here are a few hidden iPad hacks which you may haven’t heard about that will certainly boost your productivity and allow you to master your iPad like a pro.

The Title Bar Trick

Hidden iPad hacks This little hack will not just allow you to navigate your iPad like a pro but will also save considerable amount of time and efforts. While surfing web pages we often go down to the bottom while scrolling, and then we have to scroll up all the way to the top if we missed on something. Well, not anymore! Simply tap the title bar of the app or webpage to instantly jump to the top. As most of the web pages are now iPad friendly this tiny hack can really fasten your navigation.

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The Apostrophe

Auto-correct gets pretty annoying at times, isn’t it? But it is a really one useful keyboard feature which not only saves time but efforts too. While typing a few words like “Can’t” or “Won’t” we often forget to insert the apostrophe most of the time. But with auto correct enabled, you simply have to type the words without the apostrophe and autocorrect will automatically insert it for you. If you’re fond of Auto correct then you can also try downloading some third-party keyboards for your iPad like Grammarly or Google for a better ease of typing.

The Virtual Touchpad

Hidden iPad hacks

The ease of typing is one keyboard is one of the best things while working on a PC. But we do miss this feature on iPad as it gives a lot of trouble of touching the screen again and again for little things. Well, thanks to Apple that it offers a virtual keyboard feature to users which makes working on iPad way easier then we can possibly imagine. To use virtual keyboard on your iPad simply hold two or more fingers on the on-screen keyboard and move your fingers without lifting them up. You will now see the cursor move on your fingers directions.

Download Free Books

Hidden iPad hacks

Wouldn’t it be great if we tell you that you can download your favorite eBooks for free?  Yes, book lovers slow down your heartbeat! This little hack will help you download all your favorite books collection without spending a single penny. There’s this thing called “Project Gutenberg” which takes world’s library and puts it on a public domain so that we can access it for free. First, download Apple official iBooks application on your iPad. Tap the “Top charts” button from the bottom bar and then select “Categories” from top left corner. Now pick “Fiction and Literature” from the list and scroll through various evergreen classics of all time including “Alice in the Wonderland”, “Peter Pan” etc.

Move an App to Dock

Hidden iPad hacks

There are always a few apps which we use on a frequent basis. So, why to waste another minute searching for it while flipping more and more iPad screen? Here’s what you can do! You can move a particular app on your iPad’s dock for easy and faster access as this dock is stationery and doesn’t move while you scroll left or right. To move any app on your iPad’s dock, hold down the app until all app icons start jiggling. Now place it anywhere on your iPad’s dock so that you can access it anytime without looking for it.

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Let Your iPad do the Talking

Reading an eBook on your iPad? But why to strain your eyes when you can get your iPad on to work? By making a few tweaks in settings you can get your iPad talking while you cook your meal or do something more important. To enable these special accessibility features on your iPad, follow these quick steps:

Head on to Settings> General> Accessibility.

Select “Speech” from vision block section.

Hidden iPad hacks

Enable the “Speak selection” switch. So, from this point onwards whenever you’ll select a certain text you will see a new “Speak” button on top which you can use for your iPad to read the text out loud.

So folks, hope you loved these amazing hidden iPad hacks which will allow you to master your tablet like a pro!

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