6 Disorders Caused By Modern Technology

Sure technology is at a point when it’s being extensively used in healthcare and treatment of various diseases. But did anyone try to notice the harm it may be causing us? Interestingly, researchers and scientists have published several studies that show a link between several social and mental disorders with technology addiction.

Excess of everything is bad and technology is no exception to this rule. And since we’ve pulled your attention to this topic, it would be worth your time to take a look at some common health and behavioral problems associated with internet and technology.

  1. Phantom Vibrations/Ringing

 Phantom Vibration

We are sure that if you use a mobile phone, you’ve experienced this syndrome. While not a lot of people might notice this, but the feeling of your phone vibrating or ringing is certainly a thing.

It could happen even when the phone is not in the user’s pockets. Physicians explain this as wrongly placed response mechanisms by our brains. In simple words, this is a result of our brain sending wrong signals at the wrong time. Sounds just like your life, right? Well, get used to it.

  1. Facebook Depression

 FB Depression

Just like how politics and media are secretly best friends, the same love and friendship can be observed between Facebook and Depression. There are studies that show the excessive time spent on facebook is a major cause for depression among young people.

As most people only share good and memorable moments, viewers often feel insecure of their personal achievements and fall prey to depression. Trust us on this, you’d rather have sleep paralysis than feel depressed about your own life.

  1. Cybersickness


Although not a lot of users experience this, there have been repeated cases of people feeling dizzy or sick while using digital devices. This was observed with Apple iOS 7 when its interface caused a lot of people to throw up and feel lightheaded.

This was later shown to be caused by the interface’s use of Parallax to create 3 dimensional effect. Although it would also be interesting to know that Cybersickness has been a common disorder since 1990’s when the digital age started spreading its wings.

  1. Cyberchondria


Not many readers might not know about Cyberchondria, but if you believe what we say then you’re already suffering from it. In plain english, Cyberchondria refers to the tendency when people believe anything they read online, especially when it comes to diseases.

People suffering from this disorder have habit of associating  most minute aches or pains in the body with diseases they read about online. This is like the exact opposite of Placebo effect, but worse.

Internet is full of articles such as ‘How Headaches Could be Signs of Brain Tumor’ and other such paranoia inducing content that have caused more harm than good. Why kill yourself with self-diagnosis when medical bills can do that job effectively?

  1. 3D Hangover

 3D Hangover

Watching your favorite superhero or monster movie in 3D is certainly awesome. But something certainly can’t be so much fun and still be good for you. With that being said, there have been various reports of blurred vision, nausea and giddiness caused after watching 3D content.

This could be a result of the various visual effects that are supposed to trick the brain into seeing a 3 dimensional effect. Our advice for people experiencing this, ‘2D rules guys and anime is the proof!’

  1. Incivility


The lack of actual interaction can also cause several behavioral issues among digital users. The best example is ‘cyber bullying’ when a user is bashed by others in an extremely humiliating and condescending language.

Social media platforms and online gaming communities are plagued with cases of incivil behavior from users that shows how intolerant we are as a species.

Social media is also known to induce apathetic behavior towards others and can also lead to narcissism. Well, we can only hope it makes sense to people crazed with clicking and uploading selfies on Instagram and Facebook.

Believe it or not, but the above list is just a fraction of the several disorders that could be a result of our excessive reliance on digital technology.

We’ve all seen movies like the Matrix and Ghost in the Shell when the digital and technology augmented future wasn’t very good for humans. And since we’ve already had enough dealing with the various cyber threats, mental diseases is the last thing we want. You have been warned readers!

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