6 Designing Mistakes That Will Render Your Chatbots Useless

Chatbots, a fruit of AI technology that is supposed to make huge strides in the digital world. But that is certainly not today! Chatbots have been deployed by many websites performing a variety of tasks, and all tech giants are deploying the same. They have been versatile, scalable, and can be personalized, but there are times when they can turn bad as well. Simply put, chatbots can also induce headaches if not handled properly. A poorly designed chatbot may ruin user experience and your business as well. But what are those? Well, read the blog till the end and get to know about the same!

1. Everything For Everyone

Initially, designers try to make their chatbots such that they are useful for everyone, but the matter of fact is that eventually Siri, Cortana, or Alexa will reach that level. Therefore, it is better to design a specific purpose chatbot that is relevant for a defined set of audience. For this, you have to be clear in your vision and set use cases for your chatbot. Designing a chatbot for everyone is not going to benefit your business anyway!

2. Faulty Protocols

Till date the chatbots need human engagement to generate the best outcomes for the process which it was designed. So, do not deploy any chatbot without creating a escalation channel. The reason behind the same is that if you fail to do so, it will not be able to solve the problems for which it has been designed. And if such is the case, it is no better than trash for users.

Source: thenextweb.com

3. Limited Capabilities

Do you remember the early version of chatbot named Poncho? It was designed to determine weather, but failed miserably due to lack of adequate knowledge about natural language. It was unable to process statements that didn’t match its predefined library and hence was an epic fail till its update was released. However, this pointed out an important flaw that is the inability of your chatbot to answer some offbeat questions, overuse of emojis and colloquial language, poor response to linguistic elements will not give you the response from the masses or the profit that you are expecting. So, focus on these while designing your chatbot.

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4. Mismatched Personality

Only a few people enjoy talking to a bot that has entirely robotic voice, so don’t think that not investing in this would be a wiser decision. Trying to humanize your chatbots and it may help you with connecting with a wider audience than before. For best results, give it a personality and it will be able to establish itself as a brand as well.


Source: netalogue.com

5. Lack of Integration

A chatbot who is entirely unaware of the company which they are representing are a serious liability for you. Therefore, do not forget to enable your chatbot to access the relevant database about customers because they may get irritated if it asks too many credentials. Not to forget, if they are not integrated with your database, they’d not know about the interests of your clients and will not yield desired results.

6. Not Enough Security

You may think this as something which could be fixed later, but ignoring this will unleash an apocalypse on you that would destroy your business entirely. As discussed on the point above, you’ll have to make the database of your firm accessible to chatbots and if there’s an attack, then your data will be gone. So, before introducing your chatbot, make sure your chatbot is secure enough!

Source: trak.in

These were a some of the mistakes that you should avoid at any of these while designing your chatbot. We hope that now you are well aware and will not commit similar mistakes while working on your chatbot. In case you feel that we have left anything significant.


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