6 Biggest Windows Updates in 2016

2016 has seen major technological developments; be it integrating augmented reality in smartphones or coming up with keyboard touch bar. When everyone else have grown exponentially, Windows too hooked up with major updates in 2016.

These updates were made available to a major chunk of audience who use Windows computer. Perhaps, they could inevitably make big news. Here are 6 biggest Windows updates in 2016

  1. Internet Explorer Support: Early this year, Microsoft withdrew its support for Internet Explorer for Windows 8 and older version. Win Supersite says, “As a reminder, Windows Vista extended support ends on 11 April 2017 so it is also time to consider your upgrade options from that version of Windows. That upgrade process to one of Microsoft’s supported OS/browser configurations will have a side benefit of getting you on a more modern web browser which will significantly enhance your web browsing experience.”
  1. WhatsApp Web: This year, WhatsApp too rolled out its support for computers. Apart from smartphones, you can now access WhatsApp on desktop as well. The desktop app is available for Windows 8 and above versions. Users’ are required to download and install the .exe file. Once that is done, launch the app and scan it with your QR code. The support is extended by WhatsApp and is available for Windows as well as Mac computers.
  1. Windows 10 Anniversary update: There comes the biggest update/news by Microsoft on Windows- Windows 10 Anniversary Update. In April this year rumors started proliferating for it and in July Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The update was made available to everyone for free. It had featured major updates and new features such as Cortana on desktop, Android Notification Center, Xbox Play Anywhere, Windows Hello, an all-new start menu, improved taskbar, Windows Ink, and many more.

Users could update their operating system for free and if they wanted to opt out, they could do so within 30 days of updating.

  1. Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge has been flourished with some amazing updates. Windows users now have browser extensions with Microsoft Edge. This year’s updates allow users to pin tabs in the browser, swipe navigation, take notes, reading tools and Cortana built-in.
  1. Creator’s update: Creator’s Update is another big update that Mircrosoft has come up with in 2016. The event for this update featured major changes in Windows 10. It brought up Windows 10 Creator’s Update (which was specifically targeted to creative work done, particularly involving 3D artwork), Surface Studio (the first all-in-one desktop), Surface Book (its higher version of original Surface Book), Updates for taskbar, Standalone VR Headsets, HoloLens Houzz and Xbox updates.

These updates aren’t yet available to users, however, they have been officially announced. More specifically, they’ll be available for general users by early next year.

  1. Windows 10 and Xbox to have Native Game Streaming with Beam: Microsoft had acquired Beam (a game streaming service) long back. Further, the team has brilliantly infused Xbox and Windows 10 to have Beam, which would enhance gaming experience. Players will be able to launch a broadcast from Xbox One or Xbox app to Windows. You can also start your own gaming tournaments and share then on Xbox Live.

With these updates by Microsoft on Windows in 2016, the coming year has become little more promising. We might see some major updates in Creator’s Update after it has been launched or users can even expect some advancements in Xbox, initiating some games based on augmented reality. That been said, we can just wait for 2017 to come and unveil impending advancements.

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