Friday Essentials: 6 Best Sci-fi Movies That Defines Actual Science

Do you get annoyed when you watch a sci-fi movie that gets science totally wrong? If movies show things that just aren’t possible, does it matter? Ever since the age when technology meant much more than Dark Energy, we’ve used tech advances to accomplish our visions.

So, portraying something inaccurate can affect the way people perceive things around science and technology. How would an audience feel about something showcased as total science, and later to find out that it was totally absurd?

Like that, if you come in that category of folks who love to pick holes in sci-fi movies. Then believe us, this blog can be a real treat for you as these movies have done true justice to authenticity of Sciences.

scifi movies actual science
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6 Most Scientifically Accurate Movies

Let’s take a look at the list of six most scientifically accurate Sci-fi movies.

1. The Martian

The smartest or you can say the most realistic space exploration movie ever made. The movie is based on a man named, Mark Watney who gets stranded on Mars, his struggles to survive, and his constant practices to signal to earth that he is alive.

From all the NASA’s equipment to the space station where Mark grew lettuce to Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator used to keep him warm is scientifically accurate. The movie also showcased recycling of water, & how astronauts turns urine into drinkable water.

The Martian

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2. Interstellar

The filmmaker has tried to incorporate and rely on practical effects to tell the story. To give a realm to the movie, movie maker worked closely with Professor Kip Thorne, from California Institute of Technology, and applied his physics theories to invent contrivance for his characters to travel from one place to another.

The movie featured immensely pragmatic speculative sciences, which included wormholes, black holes and time travel. Interstellar is adopted as a great example by many physics teachers to teach their students about general relativity.

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3. Her

An Oscar winning movie, ‘Her’ is a simple Romance Science Fiction, in which a lonely writer develops a love relationship with an Operating System (AI Sentient). No, we are not referring to a man falling in a relationship with machine as a scientifically accuracy.

But the technological advancements, the evolution of human lives and the depiction of the world where humans have clearly become slaves of technology is both reality and the pace we are moving towards technological developments.

her movie
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4. A Space Odyssey

Movie that has boundless inventiveness and imagination. Every detailed showcased from silent spaces to centrifugal force that helped in deleterious effects of weightlessness, to eating habits of astronauts to super intelligent aliens. Everything was well researched and completely scientific.

This 2001 released movie has portrayed the best utilization of AI and super advanced robots. It is considered as the greatest work in the history of Cinema.

a space oddessy
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5. Woman in the Moon

‘Woman in The Moon’ is considered as one of the most serious sci-fi film. The movie served the basics of Rocket travel and gravity. It was made 40 years ago before the human race actually landed on the Moon.

There are many movies that get high marks for scientific accuracy but ‘Woman in The Moon’  was applauded for putting up an idea of building a working rocket for use in the film-  but time and technology prevented this from happening.

women in the moon movie
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6. Contact

Contact is one of the most prominent sci-fi movie of 90’s.  Filmmakers followed the guidance of SETI Scientist Jodie Foster who explored true existence and evidence of Aliens. Contact is well-known for its depiction of finding ways to scrutinize Alien life via radio signals and exploring language translations of an Alien are both rooted in very firm science.

contact movie
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The Aforesaid Movies are all time best sci-fi movies that did justice to actuality of Science and Technology. We understand that every theory can’t be perfect, of course otherwise they wouldn’t be Sci-fi, so we should really take our hats off to the filmmakers who tried to make extreme accuracy a selling point.

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