5 Useful Tips To Get Started With Samsung Galaxy S9

Finally, Samsung Galaxy S9 is here! The redesigned camera is surely one of its major highlight. But apart from its camera, it has other spectacular features as well! Be it the fast processor, Dolby digital surround sound support, infinity display, personalized AR emojis and much more.

But as no device is perfect, here are few things to do right away as soon as you get your Samsung Galaxy S9 out of the box!

1. Forget Bixby

forget bixby

Yeah well, it’s of no good! So, the first thing to do as soon as you’re done unboxing, is to disable Bixby from your device. Here are a couple of options to disable Bixby from Samsung S9:

  • Disable Bixby Voice: Head on to Bixby home> Menu> Settings. Here toggle OFF the “Bixby Voice” switch.
  • Disable Bixby Button: Tap the button to launch Bixby home and then toggle OFF the cog icon.
  • Disable Bixby Home: To disable Bixby home long press anywhere on the home screen, swipe over to Bixby Home, and toggle off.

If after disabling Bixby from your device, in case you start missing your voice assistant way too much, then you can pick Google Assistant.

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2. Disable Edge Panels

edge screen


Not a big fan of Edge Screen panels? Yes, we agree that it is one great novelty feature of Samsung Galaxy S9 but if you’re not fond of it you can anytime disable it from your device. To disable Edge Panels, jump into Settings > Display > Edge Screen, and turn off the “Edge Panels” toggle.

3. Switch to One-handed Mode

one handed mode

No matter which Smartphone we use, there are times when it becomes too difficult to reach to home button with one hand, right? To overcome this trouble Samsung S9 comes with a boon named as “One handed mode” which allows you to access your device single handedly. To enable One handed mode on S9, head on to settings> Advanced Features> One handed mode. Once you enable one handed mode, you can easily control your device via Gestures. Say, by tapping 3 times on the home button may reduce the display brightness or you can also assign any gesture shortcut to do the same.

4. Always On Display

always on display


The “Always On Display” is one legit feature by Samsung which allows you to view all your notifications on the screen without having to even touch the phone. But if you are concerned about privacy and want to customize this setting here’s what you need to do. Head into Settings > Lock Screen and Security and disable the “Always On Display” switch.

5. Customize Navigation Bar

navigation bar


This may sound a bit weird but the placement of navigation bar in S9 is a bit odd. But well, the good news is that you can anytime customize it via Settings. Head on to Settings > Display > Navigation Bar. Here you can apply a couple of customizations on navigation bar be it the placement position, background color, button placements and more.

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Here were a couple of things you can try doing on Samsung Galaxy S9 as soon as you get it out of the box.

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