5 Tips & Tricks to Make the Most of Google Clips

Are you one of those who love to capture candid and spontaneous shots of your friends or family? If yes, then Google Clips is all you need! Google Clips is that tiny gadget that allows you to capture random moments of your family, friends and pets in no time. It is basically a hands-free camera that you can carry around throughout day and capture spontaneous moments no matter wherever you go. Google Clips is super tiny and lightweight so you can easily carry it along or store it in bags or pockets.

So, to ensure that you capture a perfect shot here are a few tips and tricks to master the technique of recording with Google Clips.

1. Focus on Faces

Focus on Faces on google clip

Well, a spoiler alert for you folks! If you’re planning on capturing landscapes or delicious meals with Google Clips then you may be a bit out of luck. Sorry to break the ice but Google Clips is specially designed to recognize faces. So, this not just means human faces, you can also record faces of your pet dogs or cats but just remember Clips won’t snap a photo without a face.

2. Place it Right

Place it Right

When it comes to photography or recording, it all comes down to the right angle. The ideal distance for capturing a photograph is 3 to 8 feet from your subject. Say, if you find your dog doing something great, clip the camera on the nearest chair so that it Clip captures the moment in the right angle. Also, try to match the eye level of your contact by placing the subject in the center and not sideways.

3. Framing

To capture the perfect facial expressions and fun moments just make sure you keep the subject in center. Framing your subject in center of the shot will avoid need for awkward cropping of clips. In case you’re having some trouble in placing the subject in center, you can open the app and start a Live Preview in order to check what your camera sees. You’ll find the Live Preview button on the top of Google clips app as soon as you open camera.

4. Wait for The Perfect Moment

Not the camera not the timing, picking the perfect moment is what makes you a great photographer. So, according to a research by Google it has been proved that you need at least capture 10-15 minutes of shoot so that you never miss a perfect moment. And for this it is necessary that you keep your little device always charged and ready. Otherwise you may end up with a bunch of useless shots that are obviously of no good.

5. Set up the Right Perspective

Set up the Right Perspective

Last but not the least, when it comes to recording clips don’t ever underestimate the significance of the right perspective. One important tip is to keep your Google Clip gadget on something stationery so you won’t end up yourself with blurry shots. By doing so, even you can come in the shot and make it more memorable. So, once you start getting comfortable with Google Clips try recording from different angles so you get up close with the gadget.

P.S. Just remember if you’re not using Google Clips from 24 hours, the device will automatically go into Standby mode. In order to make it active again, press the button on the front of the camera.

So, fellas, here were a few tips and tricks to capture the perfect candid shot of your family, friends or adorable pet. Google Clips can become your permanent companion which you can carry all day long from vacations to subway rides, right? Do let us know how much you liked this amazing gadget by Google by hitting the comment section below.

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