5 Smart Gadgets To Make The Most Of Alexa

Smart home gadgets are so much in trend nowadays and why not? Technology can surely make our life easier. Well, thanks to Smart home virtual assistants we can now control almost everything through simple commands. One such renowned name in smart speaker’s industry is Alexa. Just like Siri, Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon Corp. and is primarily used with Echo and Echo Dot Smart speakers.

So, if you already have this handy gadget at your home or workplace, here are a few more smart home products that blend well with Alexa. Let’s explore em’ one by one to make the most of your Smart Bluetooth Speaker.

1. WeMo Switches

wemo switches


With Belkin’s WeMo Switches you can turn almost every socket into a smart one. You can easily plug them in any existing socket and start controlling it with Alexa. With simple voice commands you can now turn it on/off and connect with it remotely. Suppose, you’re planning a surprise birthday party you can even plug multiple switches all at once and use it with Alexa to turn ON all the lights together.

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2. Philips Hue Lighting



This is one of the easiest and cheapest way to flaunt your Smart speaker’s skills. Just get a few Philips Smart bulbs and plug them all around your home. Now, with Alexa you can control the brightness, turn it on or off, and even change the color of light. So, if you’re too lazy to switch off the lights once you’re in bed simply ask Alexa to turn down all the lights while you relax and have a great night sleep.

3. Nest Thermostat



Not just small appliances, but you can also monitor your home’s temperature with Nest Thermostat. Say, you just had a bad day at work, you can ask Alexa to turn ON the Air conditioner so that as soon as you reach, your home’s environment will be chilled and cozy to enlighten your mood. Alexa lets you control the specific temperature or just increase or decrease by any degree as you want.

4. Roomba



Thanks to Alexa and Roomba’s smart skills, cleaning your home won’t be a tedious task anymore. Roomba can be your little robot cleaning buddy which can guide you through the cleaning process and make it more entertaining rather tiring. So, buy this modern-day gadget and blend it with Alexa to enjoy your cleaning sessions.

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5. Ring Video Doorbell

ring video


The Ring doorbell is an amazing smart home gadget that can be mounted on your front door and you can easily see who’s standing outside your door right through your Smartphone or tablet. Presently, this device is not supported on standard models of Echo or Echo Dot, but if you have an Echo Screen then it can be very useful.

So folks, hope you like these smart home gadgets that can bring your Alexa to action. So, now start controlling your Smart home by a just saying out a handful of commands and make your life easier!

We hope you found this blog useful! Please do your share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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