How to Speed up Mac – Clean Up Slow Macbook

Being known for its slick interface and highly optimized performance, lags and slowdowns is the last thing you’d expect from a mac. But believe it or not, slowdowns do happen on Mac and they’re as annoying as on any other platform. The reason for slowdowns might be an old system that cannot keep up with the latest software and applications.

Whatever the reasons may be, there are several ways how you can improve your Mac’s performance and reduce slowdowns. If you’re one of those unlucky users who’re experiencing slowdowns when using a Mac, here are some tips that could essentially speed up your Mac.

  • Startup Applications

startup programs on mac

There are often programs that make your Mac slow, way before it becomes ready for use. Such programs launch during startup and make your PC extremely slow. The best practice is to keep the number of startup programs at the bare minimum for improved performance. To do this simply navigate to System Preferences>Users & Groups>Your Username.

  • Remove Unnecessary Programs

Remove Unnecessary Programs on mac

There are several apps that we might have downloaded at some point but never used it. Not only these apps are unnecessary but also take up space that could be utilized for storing something important. Removing such programs will certainly improve your Mac’s performance and reduce slowdowns when using a particular application or software.

  • Consider Installing an SSD

Use an SSD to speed up mac

Not many people consider this, but an SSD (Solid State Drive) is much better than a regular spinning hard drive. This will work wonders especially if you’re running an old system. This might be a tedious process considering the time it will take for you to copy your hard drive to an SSD. But thankfully the hardware installation is pretty easy and can be a savior for your old Mac.

  • Cleaning Your Hard Drive

Cleaning Your Hard Drive on mac

We don’t mean wiping it with a cloth, but cleaning up the contents of your hard drive makes a huge difference in its performance. You could use the built in utility to clean any unnecessary files from your computer. These files might include unused programs, duplicate media files, log files, temporary files and error reports etc. You can also use Systweak Disk Clean Pro for easily cleaning all the junk on your hard drive. It cleans and boosts your Mac’s RAM so you can literally say goodbye to lags and slowdowns.

  • Minimize Visual Effects

Minimize Visual Effects on macVisual effects such as animated windows and dialog boxes sure look impressive, but can also result in slowdowns. To disable any such effects, go to System Preferences>Accessibility. Here you can adjust the slider to increase or decrease the transparency, which can significantly alter your Mac’s speed. You should also set the dock to ‘Scale Effect’ in the dock preferences menu.

  • Do it the smart way:

Use Disk Analyzer Pro, an all-in-one tool to free up space on your Mac. This tool helps you to recover disk space and to keep your data in an organized way by identifying large files & folders, delete obsolete files and to de-clutter data on your system. It helps you to sort files according to their different attributes like file name, file size, their path, category, folder & sub folder files, creation date, location etc.

One amazing feature of this app is Custom Type Summary, which helps you to find data according to file category & type of it like document files, image files, oldest files etc. Go on then, give some much-needed cleaning to speed up your Mac. Nobody likes a slow system!

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Mac might not be the same as Windows, but no matter how its manufacturers try, it will remain to function as a computer. Hence, such slowdowns and delays should not surprise you. The above tips are the easiest tweaks that can help you to speed up your mac even if you’re running an old system.

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