5 Reel Technologies You Wished Were Real This Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving’s here and we hope you are meeting family and friends and waiting to dig into that oh-so-delicious turkey.

Going with the gifting tradition, we thought of presenting a fun read to you. How about cool technologies you always wished were real?  Here’s a list of future technologies that we think could possibly make Thanksgiving better.

Food-a-Rac-a-Cycle in The Jetsons (1962)


Thanksgiving is pretty much about food. And this futuristic microwave cum food-maker would definitely add so much more to your annual Thanksgiving dinner at or away from home.

All Jane Jetson had to do was to push a few buttons on the Food-a-Rac-a-Cycle and voila! Dinner for four would be ready. No shopping, no chopping, no cooking, and no pots and pans to wash! That sure sounds like a hassle-free Thanksgiving Dinner.

Well, we are still a long way off from something that convenient but there’s something NASA did announced in 2013, that was kind of close to this fantasy. The possibility of a 3D food printer was being explored for ‘deep space missions in a way where D could stand for dining’.

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Replicator in Star Trek: Next Generation (1987)


Who wouldn’t want a contraption that could conjure up any inanimate object literally out of thin air. For one, it could solve a lot of your headache for Thanksgiving gift ideas. iPhones, Vouchers, laptops, pendants. You could get all of that out of a Replicator! It’s a different thing though, that each one of us would actually turn into thieves and black marketers, if such a machine indeed did exist.

Oh, and the Replicator could also produce ‘something as fresh and tasty as non-replicated foodstuffs, inorganically materialized out of patterns used by the transporters (in Star Trek)’.

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Hovering Recliners in Wall E (2008)


We think Wall E is probably the best animated feature film to have captured notions of AI and emotional attachment and of course all that is wrong with human race.

However, this Thanksgiving, our thoughts are with the extremely comfortable-looking Hovering Recliners that carried the obese men, women, and children around in a utopian futuristic setup. Oh, it made complete sloths out of them alright. But just imagine reclining on one of those things at a Drive-in Theatre or maybe even at home!

Voice Activated AI Girlfriend in Her (2013)


We think Samantha, the Voice Activated AI Girlfriend, giving the lonely Theodore company was much more palatable than the manipulative humanoid Ava in Ex_Machina. But that’s beside the point here.

Samantha is a faceless, self-evolving intelligent OS with a voice. The closest we have to Samantha’s technology today are automated assistants like Google Now and Siri. Technological experiments, such as robot seal pups for dementia patients, are underway to help solve human psychological problems. Tech could possibly be a cure for loneliness in a not so distant future. If you have ever spent a Thanksgiving alone, heart broken, and sulking, someone or something like Samantha isn’t bad at all!

Transportation Tubes in Futurama (1999-2013)


The green Transportation Tubes in the popular animated series pushed bodies around to different locations. If you commute on the subway, you wouldn’t even care if this were only meant as a Thanksgiving wish!

In May 2016, future tech company Hyperloop One ran the first public test of transportation tubes – much like Futurama – between San Francisco and Los Angeles in California. The prototype propulsion system used the ‘Hyperloop technology’ conceptualized by Elon Musk. Musk referred to the idea as the “fifth mode of transportation” way back in 2012. If and when the project becomes fully functional, it might actually rocket commuters across cities in Supersonic pods soon.

That is one technology to take you home at a speed you always wished for. Especially on Thanksgiving.

Do you think these technologies could make your Thanksgiving a little more amazing and cool? Can you think of any other such tech evolutions? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Note: Last Updated on Nov 24, 2016. All images sourced from Google.

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