5 Reasons Why Should You Use Password Manager

When you use multiple passwords to access your social media or bank account details and think that you do not need a password manager, think again!

Sometimes your passwords are too simple or you are using same for all the accounts, but this creates vulnerability to hacking, loss of money or identity theft.

Reasons Why You Need a Password Manager

Yes, there are so many other reasons that require you to keep the best password manager on your PC. Let’s explore them all one by one.

1. You Need To Remember Only One Password

What is best about the password app is that you need to keep only one master key or master password in mind to access the rest of the passwords.

You might have accounts on Facebook. eBay, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify or anywhere else, it is definitely not easy to remember them all. All the passwords are encrypted and kept into another vault so that no one can peek into your personal details ever again.

2. Allows You To Log-In Swiftly

It is not that you have to open your password vault every time to find out the login credentials of the website you wish to enter. Then How To Move Ahead?

Best password storage itself logs in credentials by syncing with the login page of every website whose passwords have been kept in an encrypted vault.

Though some websites may stop you from auto-completion, usually most of them let you pass through quickly.

3. Strong Algorithm Encryption

A good password keeper uses strong encryption like AES-256 bit to ensure the packed security of your data. Now there is no one that can access your personal information, decode it or steal it anyway.

4. Want To View Password? Yes, You Can!

Though auto-filling is quite possible with the installation of a Password keeper, you can simply view individual password by unlocking it using the master key. Just click on the icon beside it and the password will get visible.

5. Online Security

As we do not refrain from online security, password managers are a sure shot solution to save our data from hackers. Moreover, you can import your passwords from the browser without the risk of getting stolen as well. Yes, keep the master key strongest with a proper hint so you do not miss it out when required in-time.

Which Manager Is Best For You?

Although digital market has many options to choose the best password storage from so many options, we would like to recommend you a strong and effective tool.

Tweak Pass is the right choice considering its amazing features that encompass all the 5 points mentioned above, at least. Considering the number of password breaches and data theft every day, one cannot afford to miss downloading Tweak Pass and its ultimate secured usage.

Simply click on Ultimate password manager: Tweak Pass and learn all the required details in a smooth flow.

Tweak Pass

This Password Keeper:

  • Is very easy to use as it contains a simple interface.
  • Confides your data under ‘Secure Notes’.
  • It saves your precious time by keeping one master password for all.
  • Keeps you protected from intruders efficiently.



Secure yourself today online with Tweak Pass! Apart from this, you can also go through the list of best password manager for Windows and pick any of them which suits your requirement. Be it any password app, download it today and escape from notorious activities.

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