7 Real Life Examples Of IoT Applications

Internet of Things is not that new, and it has been used in the real world for a while now. IOT is everywhere, whether it is your wearable, driverless cars, smart home devices or more. If your smart TV provides you with personalized recommendations on the shows that you must watch, then you have experienced IoT.

In other words, IoT has become a part of people’s daily lives without even disrupting it. In this post, we have listed some of the examples of IoT in the real world.

1. Driverless Cars

Driverless Cars

A car without a driver seems to be spooky, right? Not anymore with the advancement of technology and the emergence of IoT, now driverless car or self-driven cars is technology. Though the product is not completely efficient, however, there are chances of driverless cars in the market soon.

These autonomous cars don’t need drivers, but they do have other gear such as internet, sensors, cloud architecture and more. These cars come with traffic knowledge, road conditions like sharp turns, corners and more. Some of the main characteristics of driverless cars are Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The companies which are indulged in autonomous cars manufacturing enlists Volvo, BMW, Google Uber, And Tesla.

Although, before getting these cars on road, we need changes in road conditions and road rules, which are not that far.

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2. Smart Wearables

Smart Wearables

IoT also involves wearables products as well. Whether it’s a pedometer watch or smartwatch with all facilities, or any other wearable, they all connected to the Internet are part of IoT. The devices are connected via sensors and communicate with data to provide you with detailed information on your needs.

3. Amazon Go

Amazon Go

You name the technology and Amazon has definitely something to do with it. That’s why having IoT used in one of the products is quite obvious. As the company owns a successful online store, the company want to use IoT in retail stores to increase revenues. With IoT implied, all you need to do is pick a product, it will get to our cart and when you place product back, it will be removed from the cart. When you walk out the door, money will be dedicated from your Amazon Wallet. So no need to stand in a queue to wait for your turn to pay the bill.

4. Smart Homes

Smart Homes

A smart home is a house with devices connected and controlled by a user via the internet. Smart home is one of the famous examples of the Internet of things. These are designed to provide a sense of control, security, and convenience at par. You can control your lights, turn on the air conditioner just before you reach home so that you get comfortable environment. You can also set and control lighting according to your current mood.

5. IoT in Agriculture

IoT in Agriculture

As we are increasing in number, the need for food is also increasing. With augment agricultural technology, meeting that demand can be made possible. According to reports, the world will need 70% more food than it needed in 2006. This is quite a large number. The problem can be solved with advanced resources powered by the internet and smart farming. Internet of things can help farmers and food agencies to collect and analyze important data and get remarkable insights to produce preferable results. Internet of Things enabled agricultural system enables to notice and understand weather conditions, nutrients, soil moisture levels, and fertility rate and this could be significant in taking decisions in terms of production.

6. Smart Hotel Rooms

Smart Hotel Rooms

Imagines staying in a hotel, which lets you open the lock of your hotel room with your smartphone. Some of the hotels have applied this technique to provide better services and luxurious experience to the customers. In the same way, the lighting and other systems are connected to the internet so that visitor can get a personalized experience.

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7. IoT in Healthcare

IoT in Healthcare

Internet of Things when combines with Healthcare will result in great quality services and advancement of technology. The services will provide great advantages to health providers and people using the health services. IoT in Healthcare is an example of advancement and it is expanding with fitness gears such as wearables, data analysis tools, and clinical equipment more.

So, these are the some of the examples of the Internet of things that are working in the real world. If you are using any of things powered with IoT then share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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