5 Quick Tips On Setting Parental Controls On Your Kids iPhone

Just got a new iPhone or iPad for your kid? Well, here are a few things you should keep in mind before handing over the device. Yes, we all agree iPhone is a marvelous device and it will surely help you kid to a whole new face of technology. But on the other hand it also puts you at a slight risk.

Don’t worry we have got your back!

The amazing iOS environment has provided us a few parental control features aka “Restrictions” which enable your device’s protection without any hassle.

Let’s take a quick look.

How to Enable Restrictions on iPhone

Enabling Restrictions on iOS is quick. It’ll just take about 20 seconds:

  1. Open the Settings application
  2. Tap on General
  3. Scroll down and select Restrictions
  4. Tap Enable Restrictions and set a password.

The Restrictions password ought not be shared with your kids (duh), it’s only for you – this is not quite the same as your phone’s passcode. Furthermore, that is it. Didn’t we tell you it was easy?

So, now as we are thorough with enabling restrictions let’s see what all we can do further.

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1. Restrict Access to built in Apple Apps and Protect your Credit Card Detailsiphone restrictions

The first and foremost thing to proceed is monitor the “Audit” section. You can restrict their access to crucial stuff and elements like Safari, the camera and FaceTime.

After this you can restrict your kids access to iTunes purchases and built in app purchases—Your wallet will thank us later!

2. Take Control of “Allowed Changes”

The “Allowed Content” segment is as much for you as it is for your kid. You can confine what your kid adjusts on their gadget. So now you won’t have to think or worry whether your kid is blowing through a ton of cellular data while playing Super Mario Run.

3. Limit Movies, Music and Shows based on Content ratingsiPhone allowed conten

To be rest assured that your kid is watching educational content you can do this by making a small change in your account setting. In the “allowed content” area, you can use content ratings and reviews on films, music, books and sites to limit what your youngster views media-wise.

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4. Control the Gaming Experiencegame center

The “Gaming Center” segment gives you a chance to confine the social access to they have while playing games. This incorporates controlling their entrance to multiplayer diversions, adding friends and screen recording.

5. Digital Privacylocation services

Under the “Privacy” section, you can keep your kid’s current location restricted to app data, or significantly allow or disallow whether they can share those things via web-based networking media or not.

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So here were few tips on parenting control your iOS device via Restrictions. These limitations aren’t meant for ruining your kids new gift, but instead about securing them so they can make the most of their new iPhone or iPad to its fullest.

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