5 Quick Steps to Run a Security Check Up on Google Account

Everyday a new cybercriminal story makes it way to the headlines. If you’re one of them who’s quite committed to their Google account, then you might be at risk too! Usually when we surf on web, we’re logged in with our Google account and all the information is shared on the servers. It can be while watching your favorite videos on YouTube or checking mails on your Gmail account, while using Calendar or news. This becomes the point of deceit, when hackers take control over your entire life.

How can you keep all this information in check so no one else can access it? Is there a way to track down the suspicious activity of our account? Yes, fortunately, Google offers us an ultimate solution to cope up with this problem. You can rundown a Security Check up on your Google account to check if it’s being used by anyone else too.

Let’s see how it works.

How to Run a Security Check Up on Google Account

To run a Security Check up on your Google account, follow these steps:

  1. First, open this link to reach at Google’s Security Checkup Window. You’ll see four different sections to check, each one devoted to a different area.


2. Add Recovery information: Now in the “Add Recovery information” section you need to enter a recovery phone number and email address so that if you ever forget your Google password or suspect any suspicious activity with your Google account, you’ll be notified instantly.


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To add a recovery phone number tap on “Add a phone” option and fill in your mobile number. Now click on the “Get Code” option to verify your recovery mobile number.


  1. Check Your Connected Devices: Move on to the next section dubbed “Check your connected devices.” Make sure that each device is one you used at a certain location and time.

Clicking on the down arrow will pull out more detailed information. If all the information looks valid, click on the “Looks good” button.


If you suspect someone else may have accessed your Google account using a specific device, click on the “Something looks wrong” button. Google will redirect you to the change password window so that no one else uses your account.

  1. Disable Access for Less Secure Apps: Once you tap on “Looks Good” the next section to appear is “Disable Access for Less Secure Apps”. Here you have three options: 1) You can turn off access for less secure apps; 2) You can turn on access for less secure apps and take your chances; or 3) You can turn off access for less secure apps and try to find more secure apps as replacements.

5. Check your Account Permissions: Finally, the fourth section to “Check your account permissions” lets you check any apps, websites, and devices that can connect to your Google account. Review each item to make sure you’re comfortable with each one having access to your account.

When finished, tap on the Done button to complete Google Privacy Checkup.

If you face any trouble while performing above-mentioned steps, then drop us a comment so that we can come up with instant solutions for your query.

Start now, you’re only a few minutes away from a better online security!

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