5 Predictions About Technology That Came True

As humans, we have an obsession with the future. We constantly seek the answer to “what will happen next?” At times one can tell about the future by looking at developments made in an area, but to precisely guess about things long back is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, a few people were far sighted enough to guess about the technologies that we use today. Well, how was that even possible? Till date, no answers have been reported. But what are those technologies? Let’s take a quick glance at a few of them.

Modern Displays and Movie Streaming

In 1987, a movie critic Roger Ebert was being interviewed for Omni Magazine. It was the time when we had to leave our couch to change the channel, and things were quite different from what they are now. He was asked about the competition between movies and television. What he said about modern displays and movie streaming in his answer is the mechanism that we use today. We pay according to what we wish to see and no longer need to get up to change the channels.

iPad And Modern Newspaper

Science fiction author, Arthur C. Clarke was closely associated with Stanley Kubrick to complete a film and novel named 2001: A Space Odyssey. These two continually compared the notes or the screenplays written simultaneously, but not together. In these a bizarre yet significant prediction was made in which an astronaut was seen reading newspaper on a screen that resembled with an iPad. And this is an incident of 1968, no one could have predicted the inception of these two altogether!



Image Source: sophos.com

In 1987, Apple released a video titled “Knowledge Navigator,” in which they enlightened the folks about how life would be after 25 years or so. The shocking video depicted that a professor is working on flat screen computer which had a touchscreen. Also, it had a foldable iPad look alike in which a virtual assistant takes orders from professor. Another astonishing thing illustrated in this video is that while professor is working someone calls him up and it’s a video call. In response to this, he pauses the work he was doing and talks to her. This is a rough nutshell of skype.

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Online Shopping and Emails


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Philco, an early pioneer in electronics soon became one of the best manufacturers of radio. This company was soon acquired by Ford Motor Company and on their 75th anniversary, a short film was released, titled: “Year 1999 A.D.” In this video the concept of online shopping, bill payments, home laser printers, electronic fund transfer, and an idea of communicating in a written form anywhere in the world, a rough idea of email, were seen. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Almost All Modern Technology


Image Source: arreverie.com

Ray Kurzweil, an American author, futurist and computer scientist has a career, calling which interesting would be an understatement. He’s an author of five bestselling books and has given us technologies such as speech recognition and text reading software. Apart from these, he can accurately predict the future technologies and the time when they’ll become reality. He claims that by 2009, 89 of his predictions were already a reality. He predicted fall of Soviet Union by 1991, computer beating humans in chess by 2000, mainstream use of Internet, nanotechnology, face recognition, E-books and many others.

These were a few mind-boggling predictions made by people which have come true and we are using them. We can still not figure out how they predicted things so accurately, but they have left us awestruck and we can’t help but be awestruck!

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