5 New Features That Make Android Pie Superlative

With developing technology, it is the time for your smartphone to get a new soul into it. Amid all the new phones being introduced rapidly, Google has also got its new operating system in the market. With the launch of Android Pie, Google has set a new benchmark for its competitors. Although, there many new features in this upgraded operating system, it is only available in Google Pixel as of now. Well, the new features in Android Pie seem to be worth waiting for. Today, we’re going to talk about the five new features that make Android Pie unrivalled, at least for now.

the pie hole
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1. Better Settings:

One of the best things about Android Pie is that it comes with an internal learning from your daily habits. It keeps a track of how you’re using the phone that includes the apps that you often use and even the level of brightness that you prefer. Doing so, it takes all the necessary steps in saving the battery life for a longer period. For example, if there are two apps on your phone, out of which, you use one frequently and the other one seldom, the app makes sure that it prioritizes the frequently used app over the other one for all the attention needed.

adaptive battery
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2. Wellbeing:

Unlike other tech companies that want to keep you active on their platforms, Google in its Android Pie makes sure that you spend less time on mobile and enjoy your life without screen. Google has come up with an amazing psychological fact to help you give up your mobile habit with a black & white display, which discourages you to be active on your phone for long.

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3. Navigation: 

The new gesture navigation seems to break all the conventional ways you used to navigate your mobile interface. Now, you would be provided with just one on screen button instead of three. However, this button does the tasks of three and lets you navigate from al the previously used apps just by sliding.

navigation made easy in android pie
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4. Improved App Suggestions:

Now that you can find Artificial Intelligence everywhere, Google also tried to do something like that with Android Pie. By learning and to get familiar with the ways you use your phone, Android Pie also learns the ways you react to a specific contact or the app. And, at times the situation occurs that needs your input, the OS provides you with the most used option as shortcuts. Well, time is money.

5. New Screenshot Tool:

As a part of improvement, you would be able to share and annotate a person right from the screenshot interface with Android Pie. This makes you free to rely on any third-party app saving you time and efforts.

Overall, Android Pie seem to have change a lot of things with its cool features. However, you need to wait until Google makes it available for all the devices. Apart from letting you use your phone at night with the help of Dark Mode, it has also made the display a bit young with some newness. As far as the security is concerned, Android Pie would be geared with all new Lockdown Mode, which would disable the fingerprint sensor, or the trusted voice unlock feature and make it revert to PIN or Pattern unlock system. Now that you’ve got every reason to upgrade your smartphone, do let us know if you wish to add some more unveiled secrets of the Pie in the comments below.

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