5 Most Important Things To Do After Getting A New Computer

Getting a new computer is always a joyful moment. The excitement that begins with ordering a new computer, continues till we  finally start using it. However, to keep up this joy and excitement going for long, it is necessary to set up few things just after getting a new PC.

In this article, we summed up 5 most important things which every user must do to keep his computer up and running trouble free for a long time.

1. Install Windows Updates To The Latest:

This is the initial step which need to be take care of. Once you press the power button of your new PC check for the windows updates, and if available any, install them. This step is crucial as windows time to time releases security patches and updates to tackle the vulnerabilities and smooth functionality. To install the latest windows updates you need to have an active internet connection.

To install the updates in Windows 10, click on windows icon followed by gear icon to open Settings.
windows settings

Now from the list of available settings click on Update and Security.
windows updates and security

Now click on Check for updates. The system will check for the available updates. Once it get the updates download them, install them and reboot your computer for the updates to take effect.
windows update

In future Windows will automatically check for the updates and install them whenever available.

2. Secure Your PC With a Security Program:

Again, an important step which you can’t miss, as an effective security program protects your PC from all the online and offline threats. If you search out you will find a lot of anti-virus and anti-malware software in the market. Make a choice between them as per your requirement and purchase it. As a purchased version of any security program provides you with more protection when compared to a free one. If you do not go to use your PC to store any sensitive or highly confidential data then you can go with Windows 10 inbuilt security program Windows Defender.

computer protected

3. Make a Choice For The Browser:

A browser is a gateway to outside world, as it is the web browser which connects you with outside world and provides you with daily dose of entertainment, news and many more. Though Windows 10 comes with Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, however other browsers like Chrome and Firefox have much to offer when compared to native Microsoft browsers.

Make a choice of the browser which best suits to your need and make it as default.

4. Removal Of Computer’s Bloatware And Addition Of New Software:

Once you have setup the basic things on your new machine it’s time to remove the bloatware which might be loaded on your PC. It is often noticed and reported by many users that their new PC is supplied with loads of unnecessary programs. If you too find that your PC manufacturer has many such programs which you do not need at all then uninstall them instantly to recover space for the necessary software. Password recovery manager, a driver updater, a system optimization product are some software which needs to be in a PC for tuning it up in future as well.

5. Backing Up Your New Computer:

In this present era where we are forced to live under the threat of ransomware, backing up of the computer is quite important. You can make a copy or backup your data on an external hard drive.

However, we recommend you use an online backup program which not only offers you unlimited storage and better security of your data.

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