5 Inventions We Need Right Now!

When talking about futuristic inventions and how we wish they were true, there is just one which is my personal favorite. It is obviously the ‘LIGHTSABER’ from Star Wars. No, not the Kylo Ren’s impractical version. We mean the original that came with one of the most awesome descriptions ever “An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.“?Obi-Wan Kenobi (Nerdgasm!)

Futuristic technologies

I have lost count of the number of ways I have imagined using it in my everyday life. Need a toast? Zap! Annoying fly buzzing around? Zap! Irritating salesman at the door? ZAPP!!

While I know that is not its intended purpose, rest assured, once manufactured on a large scale, its consumers will find innovative uses for it.

Similarly, Star Trek’s Transportation deck would have been an awesome reality to use. Sick aunt in Germany? “Beam me up Scotty”. Favorite band hosting an impromptu concert? “UP, UP and AWAY”.

Star Trek’s Transportation deck

There are so many inventions which would have made our life much easier had they been invented in real life and not remained a fantasy we saw in movies or TV shows. Flying Cars, Hoverboards, Jetpacks are few that deserve an honorable mention. ( Don’t even get me started on the ‘Food Replicator’!)

With 2017 about to end soon, we are still waiting for a few practical technologies and gadgets which can help us in everyday life.


While we all agree that Tony Stark is a class apart ( GENIUS, BILLIONAIRE, PLAYBOY, PHILANTHROPIST) he is also the creator/owner of Jarvis (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) Jarvis accessed tony’s household security, made phone calls for him, even set destinations, maps and trajectories for him. With IoT already creating smart-homes, Jarvis can be our very own ,Centralised Voice Control App (CVCA or Sevika) . Imagine the possibilities of commanding a Jarvis when you are stuck without an Uber. or the help it can offer you when you have a paper due! Invent a Jarvis already!!


Cordy the self extending (flexible, stretchable) cord. A cord that can be used as a USB cord or even used in making self extending ears ( headphones for the muggles) no more sitting near a power source while your phone charges, no more straining your neck cause the headphone cord isn’t long enough. Easily extendable, this cord can be used in any power source. How’s that Fred Weasley?

3. Spirit Sensor:

Feeling blue? Listen to some Blues. Happy? Here is some happy music. Create your life’s soundtrack. An app needs to be invented, which once logged in, can read our brain waves and play music accordingly. Perfect music for the moment, every time. Gonna propose? Let the app create the perfect playlist. All you gotta do is think it! Thinking out loud.. Geddit?

4. Cell4U:

keep your iPhones, your Pixels. Just gimme a phone which won’t drop calls while travelling the tube. A cell which retains its range when you are grocery shopping in a mall and need to confirm portions based on the number of guests who have rsvped. A simple yet smart phone which is powered enough that a train ride of Social Media access won’t drain its battery. A practical device for all on the go. ( here’s looking at you, Get Smart Shoe Phone)

5. YouTube:

This is probably the most frustrating of all. An amazing app called YouTube made celebrities of all by giving them a platform, irrespective of their talent (Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black?) YouTube has been a part of our lives since the 2005, and it still has one technical flaw. It stops working the minute the screen of our smart phones shuts off! Really Google? Is it too much to ask? With an amazing number of tracks available on it, YouTube is the number one choice for music in any party. Just when you get in the groove.. It stops. Its 2017! We don’t deserve this!

While there are many more inventions which we hope become a reality, these 5 were on top of our list. The Tardis, Warp speed in automobiles, Food hydrators and self tying shoes are on every geek’s bucket list. What’s yours Doc?

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