5 Games You Shouldn’t Miss In 2018 If You Own A Playstation 4

Year 2017 was one of the best years for the gamers, we have seen many new games with some great titles. 2018 is also bringing us some of the great titles. We have picked up 5 great titles which are exclusive for PS4.

There are many games that are scheduled to release in 2018, however we have picked top 5 games that you must have if you own a PS4 in 2018.

Let’s start our list with one of our favorite:

1. God of war 4:

God of war 4
Image Source: playstation.com

Coming in 20 April 2018 this great title which we have been waiting for. Kratos the god killer is coming back. Now living as an ordinary man with his son Atreus. Kratos now must control his rage which helped him to kill gods and mentor his son. You will see Kratos and his son Atreus fighting to survive in an unforgiving and harsh environment of Norse mythology. Most notable would be a new main weapon in the hands of Kratos, which is oddly an axe and not his signature dual chain-blades from the older games.

In this latest title camera placement is changed to third person over shoulder free camera which will make you look like you are placed in the setting.
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2. Marvel’s Spider-Man:

Marvels Spider-Man- upcoming game in 2018
Image Source: playstation.com

Get ready with all the web slinging action as your friendly neighborhood Spider man. Coming in 2018 this game will make your inner superhero come out. Marvel has teamed up with Insomniac Games to create a Spider man game which is authentic.

In this new Spider man game you will see Peter parker who is more experienced in fighting and while dealing with criminals he must deal with his personal life also.

3. Days Gone:

Days Gone
Image Source: playstation.com

 Learn to survive in the harsh world which consists of zombie or what they called Freakers and hostile humans. Days Gone is third person, horror survival game set in the post-apocalyptic world. Its story is based on a bounty hunter and drifter named Deacon St. John who lives his life wandering in hostile world. Players will experience different weather conditions also which will make this game more entertaining. Players will also be able to craft different items which will help you in game.
Coming in 2018 exact dates will be confirmed soon.

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4. Detroit: Become Human:

Detroit Become Human
Image Source: playstation.com

This game is set in the future where androids are functioning effectively with humans. Players will play this game as a female android named Kara. You will have to fit yourself in the turbulent world of humans. Main protagonist in this game will have to make choices that will define the fate of the entire city. Players will control Kara in the game to help other androids.
Coming in 2018 exact dates will be confirmed soon.

5. Yakuza 6:

Yakuza 6
Image Source: playstation.com

The Song of Life: It is a sequel to the game Yakuza 5, Kazuma Kiryu. Kiryu main protagonist in this game wants to live his life peacefully, however, he must again enter the life of criminal world to keep his family safe. Its story starts from where it has ended in Yakuza 5. Yakuza 6 has the improved battle system and different areas to explore. There is no doubt that this game will be a hit in 2018 and will be loved by the gamers.
Yakuza 6 will be released on 04/17/2018.

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That’s it friends, let’s hope that these games will live up to the expectations and provide gamers with an unforgettable experience. Seeing this line up for PS4 many PC and Xbox owners are considering getting into the world of PlayStation. We would like to hear about these games from you, so please write your suggestions and views in the comment sections.

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