5 Fitness Features That’ll Make You Buy the Apple Watch Series 4

Apple’s recent big event held in Cupertino, California launched 3 new fresh iPhone models and Apple Watch Series 4. Alongside iPhone X series, Apple Watch Series 4 is another major highlight of this event which we certainly cannot overlook. This new Apple Watch Series is all set to launch soon with a slew of new features and upgrades. Before we jump on the list of Apple Watch Series 4 new features let’s see what Apple has got in store for us with this latest Apple Watch model.

What’s New?

apple watch series 4

With each new Apple Watch upgrade, we see a better design, new features, more biometric sensors to enhance our experience, and a few awesome fitness features for a healthy lifestyle. If compared to previous gen models, Apple Watch Series 4 comes in a larger size: 40mm and 44mm are the two size variants which you can pick. Series 4 also promises to have an improved heart rate sensor which is capable of generating an electrocardiogram. Your Series 4 Apple watch will also detect irregular heartbeats and will instantly notify you to visit a doctor if anything of abnormal nature is detected.

new feature in apple watch 4

As far as pricing is concerned, it has also gone above a few extra dollars if compared to previous models. The GPS-only model will cost you around $399 and the LTE-connected model will be coming in at $499—and that’s the pricing range for the 40mm model size variant. If you’re going for 44mm model, then add an extra 30$ to these figures.

So, now let’s quickly go through these 5 awesome much-needed fitness features that Apple Watch Series 4 will be bolstering to stay more healthy, active and connected.

5 New Fitness Features Coming Soon to Your Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 loaded with Watch OS 5 can surely take your fitness and workout sessions to a whole new level. Let’s explore a few of these new fitness features that’s soon coming to your Apple watch.

1. Compete with Friends

apple watch compete with friends

You can now add your competition or fitness partner to have a better accountability of your fitness sessions. Just like Fitbit, now Apple watch will also include a feature which will allow you to challenge your friends, see their progress and compare your fitness progress to theirs.

2. Automatic Workout Detection

automatic workout detection in ios watch 4

This is one of the best and advanced workout features that’s being rolled out along with Apple Watch Series 4. Your Apple watch will now detect and sense once you begin your workout sessions. Not just this, it will also sense when you end your workout and will track your details accordingly by automatically ending your session.

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3. New Workout Modes

different workout mode in series 4 watch

On the big event which took place on 12th September at California, Apple also announced 12 new workout modes for tracking your exercises. Some of the new workout modes include Yoga, Hiking, rower and more. All these recognized working out modes will be a part of your new Apple Watch Series 4.

4. New Running Metrics

running matrics in apple 4

While you’re on your outdoor run, your Apple watch will now keep track of your rolling mile pace. You will now see a whole new set of running metrics on your watch screen which list down your running info. In order to maintain a target pace, you can also set a pace alert on your Apple watch and many other useful features to keep your running session intact.

5. Listen to Podcasts

This will sound a bit of non-fitness feature, but yes Apple watch now allows you to listen to podcasts during your workout sessions. Any Podcast that you listen to will be synced across all your Apple devices so that you can continue, right where you left off. To listen to a new Podcast, you can always take Siri’s help for new suggestions.

How to Buy New Apple Watch Series 4

So, folks here were a few fitness features that’ll be rolling out along with latest Apple watch model. The pre-orders have already begun from 14th of September. Were you pleased to hear about these Apple Watch Series 4 new features? And when are you planning to upgrade to this latest Apple watch model? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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