5 Biggest iPhone X Annoyances Along With Quick Fixes

iPhone X is already creating a lot a rumble in the tech market. So, how are you liking this new gadget? Is the device troubling too much or you’re happy with the price you spent? Well, we’re not here to invoke second thoughts of your recent purchase. We are just here to make your life simple by sharing you a bunch of quick fixes for the 5 most annoying iPhone x features.

Let’s take a look 5 of iPhone X’s biggest annoyances along with their workarounds.

  1. Delayed Face ID Response

Face id response iPhone X

This had to be #1 on our list! A lot of iPhone X users are pretty irritated with the delayed response of Face ID. When you’re locking and unlocking your device more than 100 times a day it gets quite irritating and in that case even a delay of minor split-second matters. While unlocking your iPhone X, first we raise it or press the wake button on the side and then you see a little padlock on the screen, isn’t it?

But wait! Why do we have to wait for that padlock to perform its little operation each time we decide on unlocking our device? So, in order to save yourself from the padlock response here’s what you can do. As soon as the screen turns ON immediately swipe up to unlock your device. In this way, you don’t have to wait around for the padlock to do its thing.

All said and done, don’t we miss touch ID a little more than much?

2. Face ID Malfunctions When the Phone Is Placed on Table

iPhone X face ID

Don’t really know whether you have noticed it so far or not, but this happens to be arguably one of the biggest fail of Face ID. When your device is lying flat on table you can’t unlock it without swiping on the screen. So, if you’re spending most of the time on your desk then it is pretty annoying to lean awkwardly each time when you wish to unlock your device.

To fix this issue just buy one Qi charging stand (Not a Qi wireless charger) that’ll keep your iPhone at an ideal position making it quite easy for you to unlock your device.

3. Hidden Notifications by Default

iPhone X hidden notifications

Until your device recognizes your face, all your notifications stay hidden by default. This is more like a security feature though by Apple in order to keep your private notifications intact. But at any point of time if you wish to customize this feature head on to Settings > Notifications > Show Previews, then choose Always. Now even if your device is locked you’ll still be able to get notification preview.

4. We Miss You Home Button!

iPhone X

Agree or not but we’re quite used to of the home button. It’ll definitely take a lot of time until we actually accept the fact that the home button is gone, like really gone!

So, what if we comfort you with a virtual soft button as a substitute? Yes, you heard that right! In order to place a soft button on home screen here’s what you need to do. Head on to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch, then toggle it on. Now place this soft button anywhere on the screen wherever you like.

5. Headphone Jack Are You Really Gone?

The absence of home button jack from iPhone is pretty jarring at times. Yes, we know Apple provides a dongle that lets you plug it in the lightning port. But you can’t carry it everywhere wherever you go, right?

So, if you’re looking for an option to keep this dongle with your forever then buy this Dongle keychain accessory right now. Well, yes thank us later!

So fellas, hope you liked these quick hacks to reduce your day-to-day annoyances with iPhone X. Feel free to hit the comments box and lets us know your feedback.

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