5 Best Uses Of Old Android Smartphones

We love smartphones as they are both a luxury and necessity in the 21st century. The role of smartphone in our daily life is like a personal assistant, as it can help us manage different tasks in a disciplined way and hence now we can’t imagine a day without smartphones.

As smartphone technology is evolving frequently, users always try to own latest smartphones to fulfil their needs as well as status. But there is one bitter truth as well, as we move towards a new smartphone, we are also left with an older one which may not be used by us again. Also, this may lead to a collection of many smartphones.

However, if you smartly plan to use your old smartphones, then this will be profitable for you. As you know, apart from calling and messaging, smartphones can be helpful in different tasks like video chat, navigation, shopping and at many more instances. So, let’s see the different uses of old smartphone which can be really helpful for you and how can it save you lot of hard earned money.

Five Different Uses Of Android Smartphones

1. Security Camera

Security camera

If you have an old android smartphone, then you can use it as security camera at your home or office. This idea is really profitable as you do not need to purchase a new IP security camera. Your android device can also provide some advanced security features motion detection or video recording, etc.

You just need to install a third-party app like ‘IP Phone Camera’ or ‘IP Webcam’ and proceed with on screen instructions to setup your smartphone as IP security camera. You can also monitor this camera from your computer or laptop.

2. Wi-Fi Universal Remote

Wifi-Universal Remote

This is the second most useful idea to use an android smartphone as remote controller. You can easily use your smartphone as a remote controller for your Wi-fi streaming devices.

If you have an Amazon Fire TV stick or Chromecast stick or any other Wi-Fi streaming stick, then you simply need to install the relevant app of these sticks from Google Play store and use your smartphone as a remote controller.

3. Use It As Remote Desktop Controller

Remote Desktop Controller

If you want to check or control your home/office PC from anywhere, then your old smartphone can be really helpful.

To do so you just need to setup Chrome Remote Desktop on Chrome browser of your PC for first time and you need install and setup its app from Play store on your android device. Also, the best thing is that you can do this all for free. Isn’t it a nice way to use your old smartphone?

4. Wireless Trackpad For Your Computer

wireless trackpad

If you are planning to buy a wireless trackpad or controller for your computer then wait, your old smartphone can do the same thing nicely for you.

Android application like Remote Trackpad can help you use an android phone as a mouse or keyboard. You just need to setup one of these apps in your android phone and connect it with your PC and it’s all done.

5. Help In Scientific Research

Scientific Research

Do you know your old smartphone can be used for different scientific research, which will further helpful for mankind? Yes, you can contribute in the scientific researches from your home by installing BOINC app provided by Space Sciences Laboratory, U.C. Berkeley. This app uses the unused computing power of android device to contribute in scientific research projects.

You simply need to install this app and choose the project in which you wish to participate.

Hope you will like these ideas to use your retired smartphones at your home. This can not only save your money but also can also perform many smart tasks for you.

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