5 Best Replacements for Famous Google Apps On Android

Google Apps are the most loved apps for Android devices.But don’t you feel bored with the same apps every time? So, why don’t we try alternatives? In this article, we have tried to jot down 5 best replacements for famous Google Apps on Android. So, let’s start:

1. Substitute Google Calendar with Business Calendar:

business calander

An excellent and flexible app that makes it the most amazing calendar available on Play Store. Business Calendar comes with a quick day view to give you an outline of the daily events. A favorite bar lets you access your calendar directly.

What’s more amazing is that it can easily be synced with Google Calendar. Another amazing list of features includes graphical and textual representation, search function, different types of views, weather forecast, birthday and holidays etc.

Business Calendar can be downloaded from Play Store.

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2. Substitute Gboard with Swiftkey:

swiftkey for gboard

Two biggest rivals, and hence the toughest competition between both. What’s awesome, in the race of keeping ahead of Gboard, users get almost all the features in Swiftkey too. Added features include, facility to add vertical emojis while texting. Word prediction is one of the most loved features of Swiftkey that not only makes typing easy but also saves a lot of time.

It also comes with AI predictions that make typing easier and faster. More than 80 colors and themes make it more attractive to use.

Attractive Gifs, stickers, emojis, customizable layouts are the best things Swiftkey offers.

Swiftkey is available in more than 200 languages and can be downloaded from Play Store.

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3. Substitute Google Launcher with Nova Launcher:

nova launcher

Another most loved replacement of Google Launcher is Nova Launcher, hence can’t be missed in our list of 5 best replacements to famous Google Apps on Android.

Nova Launcher can be downloaded from the Play Store and gives ample customization options and is a fast launcher. Color controls, innumerable icon themes, customizable App drawer, improved widget drawer are some features from the never-ending list of attributes Nova Launcher provides.

Another loved feature is the ability to restore the Launcher to previous settings.

Nova Launcher can be downloaded from Play Store.

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4. Substitute Google Chrome with Firefox:


There is no doubt that Android users love to use Google Chrome as their default browser. However, try Firefox, it is no less. Moreover, Mozilla has recently updated its Firefox browser with a lot many improvements to it. A better User Interface is what makes it damn easy to use. Surfing on web with Firefox is a cakewalk, and it even protects you from any illegitimate use.

Being like Google Chrome and with the same set of attributes, we are sure using Firefox, you will not miss anything. So, give it try.

Firefox can be downloaded from Play Store.

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5. Substitute Google Keep with Evernote:

evernote for android

The last substitute on our list of best replacements for famous Google Apps on Android is Evernote. You must have heard of and used Google Keep. Everyone knows it is an amazing app.

However, have you tried your hands-on Evernote, if not you must. An app better than Google Keep, that keeps your work organized effortlessly.

Getting organized, sharing data, syncing data are the most amazing functions it can perform. Ease of creating folders and then notebooks in them are the most loved features. Not just this, the notebooks you create can have as many numbers of pages you want.

Can easily organize your bills, receipts, make a to-do list and many more. You can simply use Evernote as an all-in-one organizer for your daily tasks.

Evernote can be downloaded from Play Store.

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There is no doubt that Google Apps are the best apps available for your Android devices. But thinking that there aren’t any other apps you can use would be wrong. Play Store has innumerable apps that give tough competition to Google Apps and are even better than them. In this article, we have jotted down our list of 5 best replacements for famous Google Apps on Android. We hope that you give these apps a try. Do share your experiences in the comments section below.

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