Friday Essential: 5 Best Celebrity Appearances in Popular Video Games

You, Me, everybody just happens to love celebrities. We just can’t get enough of their looks, their acting, their fashion sense and everything is just benchmark for us. They are not just confined to Movies, Television, and Commercials, but sometimes appear in Video Games also.

Often hilarious, these cameos have the opportunity to create some of the most memorable and best moments within a game. Generally, celebrity cameos pop up as voice acting in video games, but very rarely they appear as themselves.

So, here we go with our list of some of the surprising cameos of famous celebrities in video games.

Popular Video Games
Image Source: Unrealitymag
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Top 5 Celebrities In Video Games

Explore our list of super strange celebrity appearances in famous video games as themselves!

1. Snoop Dogg (in True Crime Streets in LA)-

In real a Rapper & in reel an unlockable character in noir action game- True Crime Streets in LA. If we compare Snoop Dogg’s real life and his cameo role in the game, there’s no as such difference- he came into limelight as a gangster rapper who was once charged with a murder case. And similar to his role play in the game, it all seems as about his troubled past.

A player can either unlock Snoop by collecting 30 Dogg Bones which is dispersed all over in Los Angeles or through a cheat code, (yeah!). And guess who played Snoop Dogg’s voice in the game? Snoop Dogg Himself!

snoop Dogg (in True Crime Streets in LA)
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2. Ozzy Osbourne (in Brütal Legend)-

Brutal Legend possibly the most metal of all video games. A fantasy game inspired by the world of heavy metal albums, had the greatest master of rock and roll- Ozzy Osbourne in the game!  He plays an ancient sage of metal wisdom with a foul mouth and also voices the character of The Guardian of Metal in the video game.

In real life he is a songwriter and also known by the name “The Prince of Darkness”

Apart from him the game is also filled with characters like Lemmy Kilmister and Rob Halford.

Ozzy Osbourne (in Brütal Legend)
Image Source: Kotaku

3. Ariana Grande (in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius)-

The video game came back in 2015, has a monthly revenue of $13 Million as of April 2018. Wow! Pop star Ariana acted as a pixel character in the video game, and players can unlock her by participating in ‘Dangerous Woman Tour’ event (part of game). The FFBE team approached Ariana to embellish and add depth to the game environment.

And there’s good news about Ariana’s fans? The second season of Final Fantasy is coming soon, and recent reports tell that among all the characters, Ariana Grande is most requested from fans.

Ariana Grande (in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius)
Image Source:The Daily Dot

4. Phil Collins (in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories)-

A great Singer/Songwriter/Drummer and absolutely a great actor has also given a classic cameo role in GTA: Vice City Stories. The famous live performance “In the Air Tonight”, a total 80’s prog rock environment created by Collins is still remembered.

The players have to complete several missions in order to safeguard Collins from assassins during live performance. And if you haven’t played the infamous mission “Kill Phil” then you really should.

Phil Collins (in Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories

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5. Michael Jackson (in Space Channel 5)-

He may be long gone, but his legacy lives in everybody’s hearts. If we talk about the game, it is one of the first video game to use motion detection technology.

The God of Pop was rushed into the game at eleventh hour for a special role. In the game Michael’s character has to save the planet from aliens. How? By doing nothing but showing his dance moves: D

The game is pretty interesting, as players has to use his signature moves to save the day from singing hellbent on destruction. The game also has songs from singer’s back catalogue.

Michael Jackson (in Space Channel 5)
Image Source:TheZoneGamer

So, these were some super strange cameo appearances of well-known celebrities. In case we’ve missed your favorite celebrity cameo, then make sure to post them in the comment section below with visual support.

Happy Friday! 🙂

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