5 Best Augmented Reality Apps For iPhone

Hope you have tried Pokémon go on your iPhone which was a highly popular Augmented Reality game. Even at that point of time you might have realized that there are lot of things that can be done using this technology. With the release of iOS 11 Apple’s future plans for the Augmented reality started taking the shape. At the same time when Apple released new amazing features in iOS11, thanks to its ARKit framework it allowed users to easily create unparalleled augmented reality experience. In this article, we will describe 5 Best Augmented reality apps which will help you to make the best use of Augmented Reality.

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1. Measure kit:

If you are required to measure things very often then you must try this AR App. Maybe you will not have to carry your measuring tape from the next time the application works perfectly as a ruler. Tough it has other tools to measure but ruler tool is free. If you purchase the full version then you will be able to check the alignment and angles. You can even measure room dimension with this app without touching the floor.

measure kit

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2. Housecraft:

Planning to buy some furniture for your home? Sometimes only Matching the color is not enough you need to check how it goes with the lightning conditions of the room Housecraft allows you to check different furniture in your room. You can also customize the size of the furniture accordingly. You can also choose from the different types of furniture.


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3. The Machines:

If you are a gaming lover then this is a Must have AR app. You can use super weapons in your real-world effects. It provides you the 3D audio. Add your friends to the challenge with whom you can play on the same table or from anywhere in the world. The machines in the game uses advanced technology and give you enhanced graphics.

The machines

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4. Stack AR:

Stack is about stacking bricks. It is one of the light game you can play without straining much on your eyes. You can play it wherever you are getting bore. Shadows and the color them of stacks give you the feel of stacking the blocks in the real time. All you need to do in this game is to lope of the exact part of block to make a tower.

Stack AR

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5. Holo:

An amazing app which allow you to add some amazing real-world objects into your pictures and videos. You can place your favorite character and can walk around it as if it is really in the room. Holograms can also be rotated resized or moved according to the scene. You can choose one from 300 holograms which includes animals, Superheroes, celebrities etc these Holograms get downloaded in just few seconds and you can save your images and videos with them into the gallery.


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Hope you have found this list of AR apps helpful for you by using applications in this list you can get the best Augmented reality experience on your iPhone. These apps can increase the utility of your iPhone at the same time some of them are best entertainers.

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