5 Best Android Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions

With the start of 2018, you may have made yourself a promise, which you consider good enough to follow. However, resolutions made on new year are prone to break within a couple of days. Sadly, they are easy to make but difficult to keep up with. The actual reason of not following your resolution is not the lack of sincerity or determination, it is the lack of motivation and help. Well, to help you not lose a hold on any of your promises in this blog we suggest to you the 5 best apps to help you stick to your new year resolution:

1. Pocket:


If you’re among those who love to read, Pocket helps you save your material offline to help you read later. Not only the texts, Pocket also saves videos and links for you to read offline. You don’t have to search for Wi-Fi or good bandwidth anymore to keep reading, just keep Pocket in your pocket. With beautiful reading experience and great recommendation, it should help you keep your reading resolution.


2. Calorie Counter:

calorie counter

If your resolution is to get into shape or maintain the hard-earned physique, keeping an eye on what you put in your mouth is necessary. Calorie Counter app does magic to know what and how much you’ve taken so far. With more than 6 million foods in database to scanning the barcode of packaged food, it tracks all the nutrients you’ve consumed.


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3. Goal Tracker:

goal tracker

Goal Tracker is one of the best motivation apps on Android that is focused to help you achieve what you’ve taken resolution for. Whether you wish to lose weight or pay off your debts, it checks out your achieved goals and motivates you to get the tick mark on all your sowed goals. Goal Tracker works very well as it is designed to psychologically motivate you in achieving what you’ve promised yourself.


4. Wunderlist:


When you take resolution to take your tasks serious, it is important that you manage them properly. Wunderlist is among the few apps that helps you set and organize your daily tasks. You can make your to do list and follow it in order. Not only does it inspire you to accomplish them on time, it also puts you in the habit of finishing the tasks on time.

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5. Coach.me:


If you’ve taken a resolution to get into shape or workout to maintain, Coach.me is made for you. There are three levels of coaching available, where two out of three are free. You can select self-coaching or community coaching if you’re tight on budget. The purpose of Coach.me is to help you master your goal and constantly help reflect on your progress.

Technology can be your best friend to help you achieve your new year’s resolution. With the help of above apps, you can start off this year with great success from the very initial stage and get into habit of being successful. However, these apps are going to help you only if you are determined and dedicated towards your goals.

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