5 Awesome Facts About iOS Mail App

Emails have always been the prime source of interaction—be it on personal, professional or social front. No matter how much social media has taken control over our world, emails still persist to be an indispensable part in this digital age. Although emails have become a bit obsolete for personal conversations as the instant messaging has taken command, but professionally they still hold a crucial significance.

Our iPhone comes with a preloaded mail app which is often neglected by many users. We still prefer to rely over third party email clients rather than the inbuilt mail application offered by Apple. Most of us don’t know this yet and no matter how good the competition gets, iOS offers us a great mail app power packed with some incredible features.

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So don’t let it stay on dock, here’s a list of some amazing features of iOS mail app which we probably didn’t notice earlier.

  1. Quick Save Drafts

When you’re typing out a new email, simply swipe down from the top to save the draft. These drafts can be accessed anytime through the “bottom navigation”. Simply tap at the bottom of the screen and you’ll have all your drafts displayed as “stacks” (just like multiple open tabs in Safari).


  1. Restore Drafts

You can just swipe away the draft you no longer need. Again this works just like Safari tabs. And don’t worry if you accidently swiped away an important draft. Go back to main screen of the app and press and hold down the “Compose” button. The app will list down list all your recently discarded drafts.

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  1. Delete and Archive Emails Simultaneously

Apple’s engineering is truly remarkable. Did you know that both delete and archive buttons in the mail app can work simultaneously? Simply press and hold down the icon and a small pop-up will appear asking you to choose between Trash Message or Archive Message. So convenient, isn’t?

  1. VIP

Most third party apps, rely on funky labeling and sorting methods to implement VIP actions. Instead Apple present this unique feature which makes the iOS mail app much more valuable. You can choose to only show messages from VIP contacts on my Lock screen while all others still get a tone and get filtered to Notification Center, but they won’t get cluttered on your lock screen unnecessarily.


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  1. Auto Detection

The iOS mail app helps in managing loads of contacts in a much easier way. Flights are another relief.  Not only it imports contacts, it also lists the passengers, frequent flier numbers, reservation numbers, and anything else the airline may have included. Not just flights Auto detect can find other tasks too, such as:

  • An event/meeting mentioned in your mail.
  • The contact information from the signature of a new sender
  • Any change in contact info of an old contact
  • Your tickets (movies/flights/etc.)
  • Locations (on maps)

We hope that these features prove useful to you and will make your email experience much more delightful. If you happen to know any other special hack let us know in the comments section below.

We’d be more than happy to hear from you!

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