5 Apps To Get You In The Christmas Spirit!

Christmas is here! Yule logs are burning, the mistletoe is in place, hung high on the roof and your stockings adorn the fireplace. The Christmas tree is bejeweled with the best ornaments and fairy lights. Even the Angel on top of the tree is placed at the perfect angle. Everything is set and just fine and dandy.

Still, why does it feel like there is something missing or has the holiday spirit skipped you. Well, worry not. We offer to you 5 amazing apps on iOS devices that can help bring out a smile to your face and get you set with the holiday spirit.

  1. ElfYourSelf:


This hilarious application has been very popular during Christmas time. Relaunched with new dance steps and tunes, this application is a sure shot winner with the whole family. Enhanced Augmented Reality gives this application and its resulting video, quite a realistic approach. All you need to do is access your gallery in the hard drive or memory and add your image in place of the elf’s face and select a dance step. It renders and presents a version of you in an elf costume, dancing away merrily. Share it with your family and friends. Compatible with iOS 8 and above, you can download it.

Note- This application has been discontinued

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  1. Inkly:


What better way to get into the holiday spirit than creating your own custom Christmas cards. With Inkly, you can add up to 4000+ designs and patterns. Create collages, add your own handwriting and then send them as printed Season’s Greeting Cards. You can attach gift certificates or cards from the top retailers such as Toys R Us, GAP, iTunes, Home Depot, House Of Fraser, Nike, TGI Friday’s and many more. Offering the flexibility of using upto 22 different languages, you will definitely use them to send across personal messages. This application is compatible with iOS 9 and above. You can download it here

  1. Epicurious:


What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than food! With Epicurious, you can get the same recipe your old nan made and try out new styles and techniques used for cooking. With the latest update in place, you can utilise features like Recipe Box (sort and collect the recipe that you plan on creating) and Shopping list (this feature helps you note down all the ingredients that will be needing for a recipe) So why wait? Invite your friends and family, share the joy and the bountiful food and get on with the holiday spirit. This application is compatible with iOS 9 and later versions. You can download it here

  1. Santa’s Naughty or Nice List:

Nice List

This one is for the parents. This application uses finger scan and the Santa on the screen declares if the child has been Naughty or Nice. What an amazing way to get the kids to settle down when you are in the midst of planning a Christmas get together or trying to sneakily hide their gifts from them. The threat of being on the naughty list is enough to motivate them into following their bed timings and even finishing that last piece of broccoli. The best part of this application is that you can preset it, into deciding  ‘naughty’, ‘nice’ or ‘random’. This interactive application is sure to be a winner with the whole family. This application is compatible in 25 different languages. The iOS it needs is 7 or above. Download it here

  1. Christmas Radio:

christmas radio

When it snows heavily outside and you are home with your family and don’t want to turn on the idiot box, we suggest you download this highly popular application. It connects you with over 50+ radio channels from all over the world.  It offers numerous songs and hence surely set the moment. This app shall soon be a family favorite. Compatible with iOS 8 and above, download it here

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There you have it. We bet this list helps you forget everyday hassles and office politics and settle down to welcome the holidays with a cheer in your heart and a smile on your face. Embrace the Christmas Spirit. It is a magical time to spend with family and friends. Rejoice and Happy Holidays!

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