5 Applications Of Cloud Computing That Changed our Lives

Cloud computing is one of the biggest boons of technology that has significantly changed our lives over time. It has been around for a long time and has become overly popular with each passing day. A lot of tech companies and organizations are now willing to adapt to cloud computing applications for delivering us the best of technology and innovation. Cloud computing has made a concrete stand to keep up in the race of emerging technologies and has never looked back since its inception.

The IT industry is the most dynamic platforms where every day new technological advancements and discoveries take place. But through all this time, Cloud computing has always been there and emerged itself as budding and one of the most useful forms of technology. On this note, here are some of the best cloud computing applications that have drastically changed our lives. Let’s take a moment to credit Cloud computing by enlisting a few reasons why it has enhanced our productivity is almost every field.

Let’s hear em’ out.

Top Cloud Computing Applications

1. Storage

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One of the most useful cloud computing applications that we can think of in the first place is data storage. Cloud Computing has helped us in several aspects and made our lives so much simpler as we can now store our data at a secure location and access it from any device easily. It has brought so much ease of accessibility and also keeps our data secure away from hacker’s reach as cracking into cloud locations is comparatively complex than hacking a system. When it comes to storing our data, services like Google Drive, Dropbox have gained immense popularity that we can gladly rely on them without any second thoughts.

2. Data Analytics

Data Analytics
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Big Data Analytics is one of the most trending processes of technologies where a huge set of data is examined and analyzed on a large scale to harness the benefit of extracting business value. The process of big data analytics is conducted in order to derive meaningful information from data which organizations can use to study and evaluate behavioral patterns.

3. Virtual Reality

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Cloud computing and virtual reality technology go hand in hand without a doubt. The only reason why Virtual Reality is possible is because cloud storage made it possible that we could access our data from any location or device, without worrying about the underlying hardware.

4. Testing and Development

Cloud computing applications development
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Testing and development have always been a crucial part of any system-related process. It is not a one day’s job, testing and development are more of an on-going process. Thanks to cloud computing for always providing organizations a flexible environment for accessing data which allows the testing and development phase to operate smoothly.

5. Data Backup

cloud backup
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We’ve always heard so much on the term “data backup” and the reasons why it’s so important. Cloud Computing has always given us leverage when it comes to securely take a backup of our data. With the help of cloud computing technology, we have this own secure virtual space of ours which we can use for storing our pictures, audio files, videos, documents or any sort of data. Cloud computing not just offers us a location to store our data but also keeps it immune from any potential threats.

Talking of backups, when was the last time you backed up all your data at a secure cloud location? Must have been a while, right? Well, you can use Right Backup Anywhere tool which is one of the easiest and most reliable data backing tools available online.

There are a limitless number of Cloud computing applications apart from the ones mentioned above. Cloud computing is here to stay for long and we’re pretty sure about it! What do you think folks? Feel free to share your insights in the comments box below.

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