5 Amazing Functions of Siri for macOS Sierra

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With the mcOS Sierra on its way to the public domain, we thought of sharing some tips and tricks with you to make your Siri experience better.

Apple has just rolled out Sierra Beta versions. It features Siri, a first for a Mac OS. So to begin with, we’ll tell you how you’ll use Siri on your Mac book followed by 5 amazing functions it is designed to perform for you.

How to use Siri on Mac

Your Mac screen will feature Siri on the top right corner. Perhaps, you’ll have to click on it and make it assist you. However, voice activation on Mac isn’t available. So, activating Siri is pretty simple, it’s a matter of a CLICK!

5 Amazing Functions Siri will perform for you!

Siri has never let us down with whatever we have asked for. It is again all set to give users everything they are looking for. And this time, it is with even more intelligence. Apple has listed some wonderful functions that Siri would be performing on Mac. Here’s a sneak peek for you:

  • As great as you: For all those who are skeptical about artificial intelligence, Siri is the answer to all your doubts. And Siri will do everything just as you want. A click on your desktop will enable Siri to help you. You can continue doing your work while asking Siri to do all other miscellaneous work for you.

As great as you

  • Be a Multitasker: Siri will make you an amazing multi-tasker. It is as simple as finishing up a document meanwhile asking Siri to drop a message to your colleagues, friends or maybe family. So from now onwards, just don’t interrupt your work at the cost of small tasks, rather ask Siri to do it for you.
  • Siri will locate your Files: Tracing a file can be a pain at times. But now it won’t be because Siri will find it for you. Give the command to Siri for any file, with its name or just an idea about the files you have worked on recently. With its intelligence, Siri will show you all potential results, in a matter of minutes.

Siri will locate your Files Mac OS Sierra

  • Pin a File: Since you ask Siri to find files and other important schedules for you, they must be of importance. You should pin all these items after Siri has found it for you. It could be anything; say the trending topics you were looking for or your important files or maybe an address. Once you have found them, keep it in Notification Center and re-open it anytime.
  • Search, Drag & Drop: Along with searching, now keeping stuff on desktop will also be effortless. Ask Siri to find an image or a file or may be a piece of information. Then drag and drop it to the desktop.

Search, Drag & Drop Mac OS Siri

These are the five things that Siri will do for you on your Mac. Siri on your Mac will certainly streamline everything for you. Be it your important schedules or documents, everything will be available at hand. The Siri version of Mac is under its testing period currently. But it’ll be shortly made available to the general public. So your wait would be worthwhile and you will surely enjoy Siri on Mac.

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